Board approves of Roach’s performance

By: Special to The Union Times
Dr. William F. Roach

UNION COUNTY — In its annual evaluation of his performance in office the Union County Board of School Trustees concluded that the Union County School District is “moving in the right direction” under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. William Roach.

Each year, the Union County Board of School Trustees conducts an evaluation of the Superintendent of the Union County School District, reviewing his or her performance and its impact on the school district.

This week, during its November meeting on Monday, the board evaluated Superintendent Dr. William Roach who has served as superintendent since June 1, 2016.

In a statement released Tuesday, Board Chair Wanda R. All announced the results of the board’s evaluation.

“On November 27, 2017 the Union County Board of School Trustees formally evaluated Dr. William Roach in his role as Superintendent,” All said. “Dr. Roach received a very positive evaluation.”

The press release states that the board considered the following areas in evaluating Roach’s tenure as superintendent:

• Leadership

• Policy and Governance

• Instruction

• Hiring and Retaining Quality Staff and Promoting Staff Development

• Organizational Structure and Management

• Community and Public Relations

• Financial Management

“The evaluation yielded that Dr. Roach has been a very positive force including being a visionary for the Union County School District,” All said. “He has been approachable by the district staff, as well as the community, as evidenced by his reception of their ideas and input.

“In his first year he has worked very hard to create a winning attitude and harmony in the district,” she said. “The Board credits Dr. Roach’s leadership and professionalism with significant improvement in staff morale.”

As a result, All said the board voted to extend Roach’s contract and give him a raise.

“Based on his performance he received on overall rating of exemplary,” All said. “In consideration of his exemplary performance the trustees approved to amend his contract to extend the term until June 30, 2020 and increased the level of pay by two percent.”

All concluded by saying that “the Board of Trustees believes the district is moving in the right direction for the education of Union County and looks forward to continued improvements under the leadership of Dr. Roach.”

On Wednesday, Roach issued the following statement thanking the board for its endorsement of his work as superintedent and thanking the district staff for support him and his efforts.

“I would like to thank the Union County School Board for their support and affirmation of what we are doing in Union County Schools,” Roach said. “My positive evaluation is a positive reflection on our entire school system. I am only as good as those that work along side of me.”

Dr. William F. Roach William F. Roach
Contract extended to 2020, given raise

Special to The Union Times