Woman charged with child neglect

By: Staff Report

UNION — A Union woman was arrested this weekend after police officers reportedly discovered that she and her 4-year-old daughter were living in unsanitary conditions in a house where the floors were covered in animal waste including that of a grown pig in their bathroom.

Hannah Marie Hvolboll, 25, 710 North Pinckney Street, Union, is charged by the Union Public Safety Department with unlawful child neglect.

The incident report filed by the Public Safety Department states that on Friday, Nov. 10, an officer was dispatched to Hvolboll’s residence to assist Union County EMS personnel with a combative patient. The report states that when the officer arrived he entered the house and immediately smelled ammonia inside the building. It states the officer noticed there was a large white dog running around inside the residence and that there were several large pools of urine in the area the dog was in.

The report states the officer then helped the EMS personnel get the combative patient out of the house.

At first, the report states the officer did not notice there was child in the house. The report states the officer did, however, know that the smell of ammonia was too strong to just be coming from the pools of dog urine in the immediate area. It states the officer asked the EMS personnel if they’d seen any children in the house and they said they had not.

When the officer walked out to his patrol car, however, the report states he saw that a small child had walked out onto the front porch not wearing shoes or socks. Due to the extreme smell of ammonia inside the building, the report states the officer contacted the sergeant on duty to report to the scene and investigate the living conditions in the home.

After the sergeant arrived, the report states he and the officer questioned the child’s mother, Hvolboll. The report states the officer told Hvolboll that he was concerned about the living conditions of the home based on the smell of ammonia and the dog urine that he’d seen on the floor. It states Hvolboll said the child was her 4-year-old daughter.

The report states the officer then asked Hvolboll if she minded if he and the sergeant came in to check the rest of the living conditions in the home. It states Hvolboll agreed to allow the officers inside.

Once inside, the report states the officers found one bedroom floor to be covered completely with dog feces and urine. They then entered the kitchen and found two cats and what the report describes as the strong smell of ammonia from cat urine. The report states the officers saw that the refrigerator was filthy and had mold inside of it. It states they also saw that the microwave was filthy and not sanitary to use.

The report states the officers found open beer bottles and piles of clutter laying on the floor and within reach of the child throughout the house. It states they also found peanut butter and other food in the cabinets with mold along with mice droppings. They also saw moldy food on the stove.

In addition, the report states the officers found a water bong, a glass pipe and another small pipe that smelled of marijuana and was clearly used to smoke drugs. The report states the responding officer also found a marijuana grinder inside the same cabinet that had a small amount of marijuana inside of it. It states the responding officer collected all the drug paraphernalia in an evidence bag and secured it in his patrol car.

The report states the officers also found that there was grown pig living in the bathroom of the residence and that the bathroom floor was covered with pig urine and feces. It states Hvolboll said the bathroom with the pig in it was the only bathroom in the house and that it was the only room with running water.

The report states the officers had seen that the sink was filthy and that the toilet was filthy with human feces. It states they also saw that the bathtub curtain was covered with mold.

In addition to Hvolboll and her 4-year-old daughter, the report states that Hvolboll’s two brothers were also living in the home along with the child’s father, Mark Leiske. The report states the responding officer checked to see if there were any outstanding warrants for the three men and found that Leiske was wanted in Fresno, California, on burglary charges. It states dispatch advised the officer that the warrant was only going to be for in the state of California pick up only.

The responding officer then notified dispatch to send DSS to the scene. The sergeant took photographs of the inside of the home and the living conditions. DSS personnel then arrived at the scene and were advised by the responding officer of the situation. The report states the responding officer advised that he was going to take the child into Emergency Protective Custody due to the living conditions inside the residence. It states the officer then signed the paperwork for DSS and they took the child in to their custody.

The report states Hvolboll’s uncle arrived on the scene and was wanting to take the child to his residence. The responding officer then asked the uncle if he had been inside the residence and was told yes, but that it had been a few months ago. The report states the uncle said that conditions were not good when he had visited. It states the officer told the uncle he was not going to let him have the child because he’d known about the child’s living conditions and had done nothing about it and because he lived only a couple of blocks from the residence. The officer said he was not going to risk the child going back into the filthy home.

The responding officer then arrested Hvolboll for unlawful neglect of a child. The sergeant then transported her to the Union County Jail.

4-year-old found living in filthy conditions

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