Two receive ‘Hustle Award’

Cameron Kendrick

Emma Kate Childers

UNION — They started taking lessons at different ages, but two little girls have already distinguished themselves on the tennis court.

Brad Tate, director of the USPTA Tennis Program in Union, announced this week that Cameron Kendrick and Emma Kate Childers have received the “Hustle Award” from the program for this year. He said that the award honors tennis players in the program for their “Effort, Attitude and Performance” on the court.

Tate said that both girls are highly dedicated to their sport and that each girl is already playing at levels beyond their respective age groups.

“Cameron began taking lessons at age four,” Tate said. “She takes two lessons a week. She just turned eight years old in May. She is already performing at a ten-year-old level. She’s a student at Monarch Elementary.

“Emma Kate is age nine and she began lessons this year,” he said. “She hit the ground running and she’s already performing at a high skill level. She’s a perfectionist, she wants to get everything right, she wants to work on her weaknesses. She’s a very mature young lady. She has aspirations to play tennis at Wofford and her mother has already taken her to several matches at Wofford this spring.”

Tate said that he is deeply honored to have Cameron and Emma Kate for students.

“I am so proud of them,” Tate said. “They are a blessing.”