Woman charged with stealing lottery tickets

By: Staff Report

UNION COUNTY — An investigation that involved the Union County Sheriff’s Office, SLED, and the SC Education Lottery has resulted in the arrest of a woman for allegedly stealing more than $14,000 worth of lottery tickets while working as a clerk at a local convenience store.

Chastity Nicole Davis, 36, 137 Polly Lane, Union, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with breach of trust with fraudulent intent over $10,000 and lottery fraud.

The incident report states that on Saturday, July 15 a deputy was dispatched to the KC Mart at 439 North Duncan Bypass, Union to meet with the complainant who said that he had evidence concerning theft by an employee. The supplemental incident report states that the complainant said he was informed by a customer that one of his employees, Davis, was playing lottery tickets while waiting on customers. It states this caused the complainant to investigate and he conducted an inventory and audit of lottery tickets and determined that hundreds of tickets were unaccounted for when he balanced the number on hand with the electronic record.

The report states the complainant said he began reviewing store video and found many instances Davis was observed pulling lottery tickets, scratching them off, scanning them and paying herself on winning tickets from the register. It states the complainant played another video which clearly showed Davis folding the money and putting it in her pocket.

The report states the complainant said that by his count more than $10,000 worth of lottery tickets had been taken. It states this included the purchase price only and the dollar amount which Davis paid herself had not yet been determined.

The report states the complainant provided the investigator with copies of several of the store video recordings and said it would take several days to collect the rest and asked if the Sheriff’s Office could stop by in a few days to retrieve the remaining videos. It states the video time displayed was one hour off, therefore the actual time was one hour behind current time.

The complainant was issued a victim’s form on behalf of the store and he in turn provided the investigator with six pages of his ticket inventory, by ticket price, of inventory discrepancies.

A second supplemental incident report states that on Tuesday, Aug. 8, a SLED agent met with the investigator at the Sheriff’s Office and he provided a copy of the dollar amount of loss for seven days that Davis worked in July. The report states that an Education Lottery security specialist emailed a copy of the Audit Validation for the days in July Davis worked. It states the audit shows each time any lottery ticket was scanned for any reason from the KC Mart and shows the intensity increased each time Davis worked.

The report states additional documents were pending from the SC Education Lottery for May and June.

For the month of July only (the seven days Davis worked at the store), the report states approximately 1,834 tickets were stolen at a face value of $15,214. The report states the loss to the store on the face value alone is $14,139. Of those tickets stolen in July, the report states 552 of them were cashed as winners for a value of $9,145.

The report states that security video from the store is only maintained for a cycle of 14 days and therefore the store was only able to provide video for the last five days Davis worked: Tuesday, July 4, Wednesday, July 5, Thursday, July 6, Saturday, July 8, and Sunday, July 9.

Based on the evidence, the report states warrants were issued for Davis for breach of trust with fraudulent intent over $10,000 and lottery fraud.

Davis was taken into custody on Tuesday (Aug. 14). She was released on bond that night.

More than 1,800 tickets worth more than $14,000

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