Kulma brings campaign to Union

By: Staff Report
David Kulma

UNION — Green Party candidate David Kulma is bringing his campaign for the US House of Representatives Fifth District Seat to Union today.

In a statement released Friday, the Kulma campaign announced that the candidate will be at the Union County Parks and Recreation Department, 111 Thomas Street, Union, at noon; the Union County YMCA, 106 Lakeside Drive, Union, at 1:30 p.m.; and Gene’s Fine Foods at 3 p.m. The press release describes Kulma’s visit as a “listening tour” that will give the candidate an opportunity to meet with the people of Union County and discuss with them the issues facing the Fifth District and the country.

Kulma, an Adjunct Professor of Music at Winthrop University, is running for the Fifth District Seat in the June 20 special election. This is is Kulma’s first run for public office, and the press release lists the issues he is running on and his positions on those issues.

• I stand up for moral values.

“We must live in peace with our neighbors, and in harmony with our environment. We must assure that everyone has equal rights to the benefits of our society. Finally, we must work so that the people’s democratic voice will be heard: from the workplace and the unemployment line to the halls of power in Washington, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and wherever their money is stored.”

• Healthcare is a human right.

We can cover everyone with:

— Medicare-for-All universal healthcare now.

— Everyone should be able to see a doctor, no matter their income.

• Education is a human right

Let’s assure quality public education by:

— Requiring public funding for K-12 schools only go toward public schools and their students.

— Ending standardized testing, which impedes our teachers and students from the important acts of teaching and learning creatively.

— Extending Bankruptcy Law to cover education loans, because no one should be burdened with debt they cannot pay.

— Making Public College and Universities free: everyone should be able to get a taxpayer funded public education without debt.

— Forgiving and wiping away all student loan debt: public education is a public good and we should fund it that way.

Kulma pointed out that the cost of college is especially important given the link between education and employment.

“When I was in school, I was lucky enough that my sources of funding allowed me to spend all my time focusing on studying and practicing,” Kulma said. “I got to think about music with all of my time. But even in the 10 years since I finished my bachelor’s degree, college costs have increased so much that my students often have to work at least one part-time job while trying to be a full-time student even with scholarships.

“Almost a year ago I posted on Facebook this statement: ‘We live in a time when politicians say more people need to go to college, but refuse to pay those who teach it a living wage,’ he said. “Politicians talk all the time about how education is the key to the future and they offer it up as a solution every time people lose their well paying jobs as industries disappear from this country.”

Kulma said that this means that “in short, without jobs and a sustainable income we and our neighbors are at risk every time the economy changes.”

• Shelter is a human right.

Let’s achieve housing for all by:

— Developing innovative ways to increase the available supply of housing.

— Designing new programs which would assure that people earning under $20 an hour can get assistance to keep their housing costs below 30% of their income.

— Using tax, zoning and other tools to end housing segregation. All neighborhoods should be mixed income neighborhoods.

• Prisoners are human beings

We must:

— End prison slavery by repealing the exception clause from the 13th amendment.

— Close private for-profit prisons.

Finally, let’s get the corporations and their money out of politics. The people need transparency, a true democracy, and representation for all — not just the top 1%.

The press release states that, in addition to being an Adjunct Professor of Music at Winthrop, Kulma is also “a musician, an online video maker, a husband, a son, a brother, a dog owner, and a concerned citizen.” It further states that Kulma has two music degrees from Kent State University in Ohio. While he has spent much of his life in Ohio, the press release states that Kulma has spent the last five years at Winthrop.

The campaign website is www.VoteKulma.org and the candidate’s phone number is 803-448-3828. To follow the campaign via text messaging send Flipthe5th to 555888 Ordinary text messaging costs apply.

David Kulma
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