Program dedicated to Wilburn

By: Staff Report

UNION — On March 14, 2017, the Union Music Club met at Grace United Methodist Church at 7 p.m.. In attendance for this meeting, in addition to the club members, were the piano students of Mrs. Johnny Turner, Miss Suzy Smith, Mrs. Steve Ramsey, Mrs. Sanders Read, and their parents and family members.

Before the performances began, the club hostesses, Mrs. George Goings and Miss Suzy Smith, provided delicious refreshments which were enjoyed by all in the fellowship hall. After this delightful time together, everyone moved into the sanctuary.

President Tommy Bishop thanked the guests, performers, families, and members for attending this special program. Then, he talked of club member, Mrs. Nancy Wilburn, who recently passed away and of her love of music and of the music club. She was a wonderful musician and was dedicated to the Union Music Club scholarship fund for musically talented students here in Union. She will be greatly missed by all.

President Bishop then turned the program over to Miss Suzy Smith who welcomed everyone and announced the following: “This program is dedicated, in loving memory, to Mrs. Nancy Wilburn. Her wonderful teaching of music to young people in Union has had an eternal positive impact on them and future generations of young musicians that are taught by her students.”

The performers presented the solos performed at the Junior Festival in Spartanburg.

The program began with a delightful piano performance by Miss Cate Wilson, 3 year-old niece of Miss Suzy Smith. She played a traditional song entitled “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Mr. Jonathan Washington, a student of Miss Suzy Smith, performed next with a piano solo of “Holy, Holy, Holy” written by John B. Dykes.

Mrs. Johnny Turner’s student, Miss Madelyn Tyler, played a piano solo entitled “Starlings.” This song was written by Timothy Brown.

Next, a song entitled “Chugging Choo-Choo” written by Nancy Faber was played on the piano by Miss Claire Wilson, a student and niece of Miss Suzy Smith.

Miss Bethany Henderson and Miss Hayleigh Murphy, students of Mrs. Steve Ramsey, played a piano duet entitled “America” written by Henry Carey.

Mr. Logan Betenbaugh, a student of Mrs. Steve Ramsey, played a song entitled “Ladybug Morning.” This song was written by Randall Hartsell.

Then a song entitled “Broomstick Capers” written by Dennis Alexander was played by Miss Emily Anthony, a student of Mrs. Steve Ramsey.

Miss Lillian Turner, a student of Mrs. Johnny Turner, played a song entitled “Banana Popsicle” written by Wynn-Anne Rossi.

Miss Hayleigh Murphy, a student of Mrs. Steve Ramsey, played a song entitled “Slide Easy” written by Robert Vandall.

Pirate’s Tarentella” written by Catherine Rollin was performed by Miss Bethany Henderson, a student of Mrs. Steve Ramsey.

Miss Thomazia Littlejohn, a student of Miss Suzy Smith, presented a piano solo entitled “Ecossaise” written by Ludwig van Beethoven.

A traditional hymn entitled “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks” was presented by Mr. William Lee, a student of Miss Suzy Smith.

Miss Macie Bradburn, a student of Mrs. Sanders Read, performed a song entitled “Whirlwind,” written by Melody Bober.

A piano solo entitled “Clowns,” written by Dmitri Kabelevsky, was performed on the piano by Miss Halen Lawing, a student of Miss Suzy Smith.

Miss Katie Wagner, a student of Miss Suzy Smith, presented a song on the piano entitled “Rainbow Prelude,” written by Jennifer Linn.

Mr. D. J. Anthony, a student of Mrs. Steve Ramsey, performed the hymn entitled “Wonderful Words of Life,” written by Philip P. Bliss.

Mr. Logan Betenbaugh and Mr. William Lee performed a piano duet entitled “Wild Dance,” written by Edwin McLean. Mr. Betenbaugh and Mr. Lee are both students of Mrs. Steve Ramsey.

Miss Vivian Bruce, a student of Miss Suzy Smith, performed two piano solos entitled “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross,” written by Lowell Mason, and “Cirque,” written by Catherine Rollin.

The program concluded with a piano solo by Mr. Andrew Benson entitled “Sonatine” written by William Gillock. Mr. Benson is a student of Mrs. Johnny Turner.

The program ended with Miss Suzy Smith congratulating everyone for their wonderful performances and thanking everyone for attending.

The Union Music Club meeting began with President Bishop thanking the talented students and excellent teachers for the wonderful program. He called the meeting to order and, again, thanked the hostesses for the refreshments.

The members sang the Federation Hymn accompanied by President Bishop, recited the Invocation and Federation Collect, and then welcomed a new member, Ms. Becky Moore. Then, President Bishop played the Song of the Month entitled “Old Dog Tray” by Stephen Foster and gave the song’s history.

Miss Sally Summers, club secretary, read the minutes from the February meeting, and they were approved. Rev. Sanders Read, club treasurer, presented the treasury report. President Bishop asked for any committee reports.

A Nancy Wilburn scholarship was discussed. Applications are due on April 1st for club scholarships.

President Bishop said that members will talk about the possible officers’ list at the April meeting.

It was announced that scholarship recipient, Mr. Evan Haney, will be attending USC Law School and that his senior organ recital will be held on Tuesday, April 18 at 7:30 p.m. at Presbyterian College.

Everyone was reminded to attend the upcoming Lenten services at Grace United Methodist Church.

The next meeting will be held at the Union County Museum on April 11.

The meeting was adjourned with the singing of the Benediction Song entitled “The Gift of Song” written by Lana M. Bailey.
Piano students perform for Music Club

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