WTH golf cart service is back

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times Wallace Thomson Hospital Volunteer Charlie Gregory sits at the wheel of the electric golf cart that he and fellow Volunteer Ray Finch will be driving taking patients and visitors back and forth between the hospital parking lot and the main entrance. The Wallace Thomson Hospital Volunteers have brought back the golf car service which will initially be in operation on Monday and Wednesday, the hospital’s busiest days.

UNION — The electric golf cart is back in business at Wallace Thomson Hospital courtesy of the hospital’s volunteers.

Wallace Thomson Hospital Volunteer Coordinator Greta Bailey announced Monday that the golf cart is once again available to transport patients and visitors between the hospital parking lot and its main entrance.

“The volunteers and I are happy to announce that the golf cart is returning after a long absence,” Bailey said. “The volunteers will be operating the golf cart on Monday and Wednesday. The hours of operation will be 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and we’ll run in shifts from 8 a.m.-noon and noon-4 p.m.”

Bailey said the golf cart service has not been available for sometime because of budget cuts. She said it was the volunteers who decided to take over the operation of the service and once again offer it to the hospital’s patients and visitors.

“We originally had drivers who were paid, but due to budget cuts we had to discontinue the service,” Bailey said. “The volunteers bought the golf cart for the hospital and so they are willing to serve the patients and visitors by driving it. Charlie Gregory, a volunteer for over 10 years, and Ray Finch, our newest volunteer, will be the drivers.”

Bailey said Gregory and Finch went through golf cart training to be able to drive the vehicle which can hold up to six people including the driver and five passengers.

While the service will at first be offered only on Monday and Wednesday, Bailey said it is hoped that it can be expanded.

“The reason we’re running on Monday and Wednesday is outpatient services has informed us that those are their busiest days,” Bailey said. “Depending on the response and use we hope to expand the days of service to the entire week.”

If that happens, Bailey said that more volunteers will be needed to drive the golf cart and that she hopes more people will become volunteers at the hospital.

“Hopefully if the golf cart service becomes popular we’ll have more volunteer drivers,” Bailey said. “We’re always looking for new volunteers.”

Bailey said that anyone interested in service as a volunteer at Wallace Thomson Hospital can call her at 864-301-2466. She added that volunteer applications are also available on the hospital website (www.wallacethomsonhospital.com).