WTH to be Union Medical Center

Courtesy photo As of August 2, Wallace Thomson Hospital will be renamed Union Medical Center as part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

UNION — Wallace Thomson Hospital is about to get a new name as part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the Union Hospital District announced that during a hearing on Wednesday at the Bankruptcy Court in Spartanburg, the Honorable Judge David R. Duncan, “based on findings of fact and conclusions of law, confirmed the Chapter 9 plan as presented.”

The hospital district had filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy as part of its plans to affiliate with the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System which would take over the operation of the district and its constituent parts including the hospital and Ellen Sagar Nursing Home, both of which will be renamed.

The press release states that “this is an exciting time for us. At 7 a.m., August 2, the hospital will officially become Union Medical Center, a Division of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and the name of Ellen Sagar Nursing Home will be changed to Ellen Sagar Nursing Center.”

The announcement also thanks all those who helped make the affiliation possible.

“It’s been a long time coming, and we’d like to thank the community for your continued support. There were a lot of people involved over the past two years working to make this transaction successful. We had help from our elected officials, Senator Harvey Peeler, Senator Ronnie Cromer, Senator Shane Martin and Representative Mike Anthony. The County has worked with us along the way providing financial assistance and support at critical times. The District Board of Trustees spent countless hours examining various options to ensure the best solution for the future of healthcare in Union County. The staff and employees of the District remained vigilant and committed to the patients of our community during the stressful days we went through. They all played an important part in the process to make this happen.”

The announcement states that “affiliation with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System will allow healthcare services to be delivered in Union for the long term. The many benefits of belonging to a large health system include: coordinated care for medical services, access to multi-specialty physician groups, increased efficiencies and access to the most advanced technologies.”

In addition to renaming the hospital and the nursing home, SRHS will also be building new facility within the county that will serve as the new home of the Union Medical Center.

“Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System will be purchasing land in Union County to relocate Union Medical Center with the building of a brand new facility. Once the new facility is completed, we will provide enhanced services and clinical capabilities, higher quality care and a better patient care experience to the residents of Union County.”

The announcement concludes by stating that those seeking more information should contact Union Hospital District CEO Paul Newhouse.