Lockhart Power donating $100,000

Including $25,000 for the United For All Fund

Special to The Union Times

LOCKHART — A $100,000 donation, accelerated deposit refunds, and the suspension of disconnections are among the steps Lockhart Power Company is taking to help out in the fight against the COVID-19 Virus and the negative impact it is having on the communities and customers in its service area.

In a statement released this (Tuesday) afternoon, Lockhart Power Company announced a donation program of up to $100,000 to help the communities in its service territory during this time of uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

The press release states the $100,000 will be spread out across diverse organizations that provide the basic needs of citizens who have been impacted negatively by COVID-19.

United For All Fund

The press release states that the initial donation from this new program is also being announced: $25,000 is being given to the United For All Fund managed by the United Way of the Piedmont. This Fund has been activated to support families who have been impacted by the global pandemic with expenses like food, shelter and healthcare. People who need such support are encouraged to call the South Carolina 2-1-1 line (www.sc211.org), which will help identify which resources are available to meet individual situations, including the United for All Fund if applicable.”

According to the statement Lockhart Power will evaluate other organizations and services for funding from its new donation program throughout the remainder of 2020.

“While Lockhart Power usually takes a low-key approach regarding publicizing the variety of local events and charitable organizations in which it invests, this time is different,” said Bryan Stone, President of Lockhart Power Company. “The economic damage being done by the pandemic to our local community is far too widespread for any one or even several of our local companies to offset.

“Our families, friends and favorite businesses are at risk, so we need every financially solid company and resident to play a part in stabilizing and restoring our local economy,” he said. “Therefore, this announcement is also a call for action to all of you: please join us and others who have announced significant support with your own!”

Accelerated Deposit Refund Program

The press release states that another new program Lockhart Power is proud to announce is its Accelerated Deposit Refund Program, which is expected to help approximately 300 families and individuals, and pump over $100,000 back into the local economy. Only about 1 in 8 of Lockhart Power’s customers have a deposit with the company. While these deposits are normally refunded after two years of consistent payments, during this emergency, Lockhart Power will accelerate the refunds to occur after only one year of consistent payments. The company will directly contact those customers who qualify, and the customers will not have to do anything to receive their deposit refund.

Disconnections Suspended

In addition to the Accelerated Deposit Program, the press release states that Lockhart Power is supporting its customers who are experiencing unexpected financial hardship by suspending disconnections and late payments due to nonpayment, as are other utilities across the state.

The press release states that “we recognize that a number of our customers may be experiencing hardships right now and may not be eligible for the Accelerated Deposit Refund Program. As always, we encourage those customers to reach out to us and let us know their circumstances, and we will make every effort to customize a solution for them.”

Other Actions

In addition to the above two programs, the press release states Lockhart Power is taking other actions to help its communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the company is supporting local businesses in their efforts to stay afloat by ordering take-out lunches twice per week from local restaurants and purchasing masks from a local company for its employees.

“Lockhart Power has a long history of its owners and employees giving back to its communities, which should be a source of pride for all of us,” said Bryan Stone. “I’d like to thank our parent company, Pacolet Milliken, and our owners, the Milliken family, for their gracious support through this additional charitable program.”

About Lockhart Power Company

Lockhart Power Company is an investor-owned public utility servicing five counties in the Upstate of South Carolina, with 99 percent of its power generated from renewable sources. Lockhart Power provides reliable and cost-effective electric service to its retail and wholesale customers, while also providing renewable energy to Duke Energy Carolinas. For more information, please visit www.lockhartpower.com.

Including $25,000 for the United For All Fund

Special to The Union Times

This story courtesy of Lockhart Power Company.

This story courtesy of Lockhart Power Company.