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UNION — Have you ever wanted to re-create your favorite summer tomato? If so, come to the Piedmont Physic Garden’s workshop called “Propagation Basics” featuring Horticulturist Billy McBee on Saturday, April 9 from 10 a.m.-noon.

According to McBee, there are a number of plants that are easy to propagate through simple inexpensive procedures such as direct seeding, transplanting, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, simple layering and air layering.

In this workshop, McBee will touch on all of these propagation methods, which will be useful for gardeners of all levels. McBee will also share tips on how to plan and maintain your garden by discussing soil conditions, sun exposure, spacing etc.

The “Propagation Basics” workshop will be held at 301 E. South Street in Union. The cost is $20. To qualify for discounts on all workshops or lectures, we invite you to become a member of the Piedmont Physic Garden.

Please call us at 864-427-2556 or email us at to sign up for “Propagation Basics” or to learn how to become a member.

The Piedmont Physic Garden

Located on four contiguous lots stretching from 301 E. South Street to 217 S. Mountain St. in Union, the Piedmont Physic Garden is inspired by the Chelsea Physic Garden, a small botanical garden located in London, England. Plans are for the garden to eventually include an apothecary garden that will feature plants with historical medicinal uses, many of them native to the Piedmont as well as the southern Appalachian corridor. In the long-term, the properties will be converted into a campus that will house several ornamental garden areas, and the existing homes used for housing interns and visiting faculty.

The lots for the Piedmont Physic Garden were donated by the families of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Switzer and the Honorable and Mrs. Jack Flynn. PPG Founder Toccoa W. Switzer said that is it hoped that the garden will become a resource for the community as well as a tourism destination that is pleasing to the spirit.

PPG is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is horticultural and environmental education for children, teens and adults in Union County and the surrounding Piedmont region of South Carolina.
McBee to host ‘Propagation Basics’ at PPG

Special to The Times

This story was submitted by the Piedmont Physic Garden.

This story was submitted by the Piedmont Physic Garden.