The Union Times – A Historical Perspective

The Union Daily Times is not only the newspaper of record for Union County, it is also the county’s oldest business enterprise, having been established on May 31, 1850. At that time, the paper was known as The Unionville Journal, a name it retained until 1872 when it was renamed The Unionville Times. When the town it was based in became known as Union, the name was again changed to The Union Times. On Oct. 1, 1917, the paper became a daily and was renamed The Union Daily Times, the name it was known by until December 2015. In January 2016, the newspaper changed to publishing on Wednesdays and Saturdays only, and also changed its name to The Union Times.

Originally, the paper was located in a building known as the “old police headquarters” across from the Union County Courthouse on Main Street, but while the offices were there, the paper was actually printed in a nearby livery stable. Its next offices were in the upstairs of the Outlet building on East Main Street. It was then moved into the old Planters and Merchants Bank Building where it remained until 1912 when a fire destroyed the newspaper’s offices. While the building was being rebuilt, the newspaper operated out of a building on South Gadberry Street.

The Union Daily Times remained on East Main Street until March 1, 1971, when the need for more space led to its relocation to South Pinckney Street. Over the next 20 years The Union Daily Times slowly outgrew its South Pinckney Street location and the newspaper moved again, this time to a five-acre site on Times Boulevard. The new 14,000-square-foot facility was twice the size of its previous location and remained the newspaper’s home until October 2016 when it moved to 201 N. Herndon St. in the heart of downtown Union.The name of the paper was changed to The Union Times in late 2015.

The Union Times continues to move and grow, this time in cyberspace as well as print. While still producing a print version with a strong subscriber base, the newspaper is also online with a website ( and its own Facebook page which provides links back to the website. Just as their counterparts who read the hard copy version, online readers of The Union Times are constantly reminded why we are not only the newspaper of record for Union County but the county’s oldest business enterprise.

Whether online or in print, The Union Times continues to set the standard of service for the community it has served for the past 162 years. It is a great tradition of service and journalistic excellence that we are proud of and will continue to uphold as we have since 1850.

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