• Photo courtesy of the Union County Library System
                                Union County Library System Director Rieta Drinkwine holds the SCPRA’s 2019 “Champion for Our Community” award which she accepted on behalf of the Library System during the SCPRA Awards Luncheon at the Joint Carolinas Conference in 2019. The award is one of a number of such honors the Library System won during Drinkwine’s tenure as Director, a tenure that is coming to an end as she plans to leave the office she has held since 2016. Drinkwine’s last day as Director will be August 17.

    Library System Director leaving

    UNION COUNTY — After four years of service that saw a number of accomplishments achieved, changes made, and honors won, Rieta Drinkwine is leaving as Director of the Union County Library System.


  • Image courtesy of the Union County Democratic Party
                                The Union County Democratic Party will hold a “Good trouble, necessary trouble” event honoring Civil Rights icon and US Rep. John R. Lewis this Saturday.

    ‘Good trouble, necessary trouble’

    UNION COUNTY — The Union County Democratic Party is going to get into some good but necessary trouble this weekend and is inviting the people of Union County to join in.


  • Health

    307 test positive for COVID-19

    UNION COUNTY — As of Thursday, July 30, the number of people in Union County who have tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus since testing began on April 1 now totals 307, an increase of 58 over the total of 249 testing positive a week earlier according to the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.


  • Lifestyle

    Bantams to play in the spring

    UNION — The USC Union Bantams teams that would normally play their game in the fall of this year (2020) will instead play in the spring of 2021.


  • Charles Warner | The Union Times
                                Bailiff Tommy Robertson wears a mask as he mans the main entrance to the Union County Courthouse. Masks must now be worn by anyone entering the Courthouse and those who are not wearing them will not be admitted.

    No admittance without a mask

    UNION COUNTY — If you have business you need to conduct in-person at the Union County Courthouse you better be wearing a mask when you walk into the building or you’re going to be turned away at the door and will not be allowed in until you come back with one on.


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