• Education

    BES promotes students’ writing

    BUFFALO — Reading and writing go hand-in-hand and that’s Buffalo Elementary School takes some very public steps to help its students develop those skills. All around Buffalo Elementary School, you will find bulletin boards promoting [...]
  • Lifestyle

    Chalk, books and pens for pigs

    UNION — An artistic event that will take place on Main Street, books for children in kindergarten, a college athletic sponsorship, and a “winter pig project” are getting financial support from the City of Union. [...]
  • Lifestyle

    Whitmire approves service fees

    WHITMIRE — Whitmire Town Council passed the second reading of two new water and sewer service fees after a motion from Councilwoman Debbie Harris and second by Councilman Michael Thomas. A third item regarding sewer [...]
  • Crime

    Guilty Pleas heard this week

    UNION COUNTY — The following persons pleaded guilty before Judge Stan Hall of York of York in General Sessions Court in the Main Courtroom of the Union County Courthouse this week. — Joel Anthony Cameron, [...]
  • Education

    NAACP to offer $1,000 scholarship

    UNION COUNTY — It costs a lot to go to college these days and that’s why the local branch of the NAACP is offering to help a graduating high school senior with those costs. In [...]


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