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    Beware of wells without water

    Peter writes in his second letter about the presence of false teachers among the church and warns Christians regarding internal attack. Complacency and heresy can quickly influence one to reject truth, thus hindering the growth of faith and spiritual maturity. He describes these teachers as becoming prevalent in the last days, speaking and doing whatever they feel like doing, spurning the things of God, and they will be proud and boastful. Peter further explains that while they will not escape judgement, we must be careful to not be carried away by their lies and deceit.


  • Charles Warner | The Union Times
                                Shoes, clothing, and stuffed animals are part of the merchandise carried by ‘itty bitty: A Children’s Boutique” which is owned and operated by Annie Whitehead. The boutique, which has been in business for 4 1/2 years, recently relocated to it new location at 528 Rice Avenue, Suite B, Union, and formally opened its doors there with a June 18 ribbon-cutting ceremony. The boutique specializes in brand name clothing and shoes for children ages newborn to 8 years old as well as gift items such as stuffed animals and also offers monogramming services.

    Making an inspiration a reality

    UNION — A pair of shoes she bought for her daughter helped inspire Annie Whitehead to open “itty bitty: A Children’s Boutique” in order to give families in Union County the opportunity to buy boutique brand name clothing for their children.


  • Charles Warner | The Union Times
                                In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter writes about damage to the Old Armory caused by a falling tree, vandalism, lift stations, traveling to Gaffney, attending worship services inside a church, and voting in the primary and runoff.

    Three and three and three

    A huge tree fell on the Old Armory building, and the insurance adjuster gave me two weeks to find three tree companies, three brickmasons, and three roofers. It’s going on about a month. I’ve called everyone of those. So far I’ve met with one brickmason and one roofer. Everyone is too busy. I can’t get the roofers and brickmasons that close because this huge tree is in the way.


  • Photo courtesy of Melinda Myers, LLC
                                Rabbits and other wild animals can wreak havoc on landscapes. Research has proven that odor-based repellents are more effective than other repellents at keeping rabbits and other critters from eating plants.

    Protect your landscape from hungry critters

    While you’re busy filling your landscape with beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables, the deer, rabbits and other wildlife are watching and waiting to move in to dine. Don’t lose your beautiful investment to hungry animals. Be proactive in keeping wildlife at bay, so you can grow a beautiful landscape this season.


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