• Agriculture

    Selecting and caring for your Christmas tree

    The holiday tree is the center of many family celebrations. Ornaments collected over the years decorate the boughs while brightly wrapped gifts are carefully placed underneath. But the hunt for the perfect tree can be [...]
  • Church

    Choosing to do the ‘right’ thing

    How far are you willing to go for what you believe? Sometimes our faith is tested in such a way that we actually stop expecting in a promise because it is easier to give up [...]
  • Business

    Two charities receive $2,500

    GAFFNEY — Two charitable organizations in Union County are among 16 charities that recently received more than $22,000 from Broad River Electric Charities. In a statement released Friday, Broad River Electric Cooperative announced that “last [...]
  • Church

    Share God’s love through word and deed

    Read Matthew 22:1-10 Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find. — Matthew 22:9 (NIV) PRAYER: Dear God, help us to share your love through our words and deeds. May [...]
  • Lifestyle

    Celebrating a very special birthday

    UNION COUNTY — Nobody will ever be able to say we don’t celebrate Christmas here in Union County. This past weekend there was not one, not two, but three Christmas parades in a row as [...]

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