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I looked up at that last of the 12 obstacles crossing those monkey-bars and thought to myself, “almost there, almost there,” then like so many times before, my grip failed and the force I fear most pulled me down - “gravity.”

Time after time I’ve fallen - been scraped, bruised and all banged up. There was a time in my life that I feared trying anything new, feared the gravity of failure would pull me down. But thankfully those times past quickly for me, but there are many who still live life in the arms of fear. Sadly for many gravity is found in falling from life’s mountains, many not easily climbed - or trying to avoid the “wolves” who pull them down.

Gravity’s force is found in many forms, perhaps those most life-crushing are the four forces responsible for pulling one’s life down: the failure to embrace education, a failure to find value in hard and productive work, the failure to find sacred the sanctity of family, and the ultimate failure – failing to embrace the treasure of truth and honor. There are a number of collateral injuries common to those pulled down by these four failures of life, the first three of the four has fostered the continuation of the crippling social-dependency on welfare, limited working ethic and failed families. The forth life-crushing force, the failure to find the treasure of truth and honor, has bruised and damaged all aspects of faith, hope, and especially love.

These four failing gravitational forces are the stuff of dishonor and deceit - lead by the wolves who pull many down. I find dishonor and deceit in the folly of political wolves who treasure themselves more than those who they serve, dishonor and deceit in the folly of religious wolves of one faith who condemn and damn all those of other faiths, dishonor and deceit in the folly of the wolves who condemn the many embraced by illiteracy and poverty while failing to reach out to the multitude in dire need. The most deadly of these wolves, are the ones who care little for their children, tear down the sanctity of family, and cheat throughout their life – they fail to find and embrace the ultimate uplifting gravitational force – honor.

We live in a world of falling governments, falling and failing faiths, falling and deeply damaged families. Most that surround me carry scratches and scrapes from their last encounter with gravity. But, thankfully - most will heal, in the healing they have learned to understand the power of good gravity. The power of gravity is found in this pair: the ability to pull us up and away from the arms of failure and to avoid the devastating effect of the wolves that pull us down – especially those without honor.

Josh Turner wraps up gravity - as found in every life with these words: “Well, I never really liked it much, always left me all scraped up, never really saw it as a good thing, changes tides out on the sea, pulled your body close to me - first time I ain’t been afraid to fall - don’t guess it’s so bad after all, gravity.” Seems gravity could be a good thing, if we let it pull us in and resist being pulled down. It’ll be a “good thing” if we embrace life’s good gravitational force - pulling into our being education, work, the embrace of family, truth and honor. Now I can fall for that - pull gravity, pull.

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