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I want to apologize to all that did not enjoy our Lockhart Parade this year. Everything seemed to go wrong, BUT! the parade committee had a meeting the next day to discuss this. The time change really messed up everyone’s schedule, some of our workers could not make it to help us, because of the time change. I hope Buffalo’s went more smoothly, because they were kind enough to change their time for us. Next year we will be back on schedule at 3 pm. Maybe some of our regular paraders can make it next year.

I was one of the guilty ones that made a big gap in the parade because I put our candy in Dollar General bags and they are quite thin. Beverly and I had bags splitting on us and candy was going all over the floor. It was quite hard getting any to throw out. It was quite funny, because the bags were rolling down our legs. I love Dollar General and feel so lucky that they opened a store in Lockhart, so I’m not putting them down, really.

Maybe next year we will have more floats. There was not one float that represented Christ, but we had a lot of great floats, and they put in a lot of long hours and hard work in making them, and we thank all of them for that. We are going to make a point of inviting churches to join in, like they used to. Anyway, come and see if we do better next year. One out of 50 or 60 parades isn’t half bad. Again our apologies.

Very Busy

Everything is busy at the shop these days, so I guess my mind is going in a thousand directions.

Carolyn Rash came in the other day for a haircut. So I cut everything but around her ears and neck. I told her I’d finish that when I was through, and proceeded pulling out my perm rods to give her a permanent. She asked what I was doing, and I looked like the fool I am, I only had her down for a haircut. So I finished the cut and we had a huge laugh about it and she did say I could print her name.

Remember In Prayer

Sherri Shrader Johnson really needs your prayers, she’s at Regional with double pneumonia and the flu, and the last I knew she was in ICU.

Watching The Game

Last Saturday, everyone was looking forward to the Clemson and Carolina game. Laura Dabbs, who is Clemson, her family, and just a large group went to Sam Baines for tailgating, and half of them were for Carolina, can you imagine the fun with a mixed group?

One guy told me that they go to the game and tailgate with a big screen TV and half of the group stay out and party and the other half go in to the game. Anyway that’s just the lead in to my story.

Chuck felt so bad that his TV couldn’t get the game, so I called Gina to see if we got that channel, so after we ate I let him come back to the house and watch it . So after the game, I had to listen to him complain about what went wrong and at the same time Gina’s spouting off about how bad her team did, which was Notre Dame. They both understood each other. I just sat and looked at the Thanksgiving ads, which were old, and caught up on reading the paper. I just love entertaining.

I kept asking Chuck what inning they were in, so I think I was in the wrong game. When I was in school, I went to all the football games, but it was mostly to watch the football players. We’d have to bundle blankets around us, because it was always snowing during our games.


Joyce Turner had a birthday on Dec. 1; Paul Burgess had one on the 4th; on the 6th are Anna Vlock and Samantha Harris, Lee Brannon and Buster Hefner have a birthday on the 7th; Robin Black on the 11th.


On the 7th, Patti and David Turner; the 10th Amy and Jeff Sanders; and Jason and Heather Colson on the 11th.

Funny Moment

I went into Best Buy today to pick up an order I made online.The guy waiting on me started laughing when I handed him my credit card. I asked him what happened, and he said when he took my card he noticed it said Amazon on it and that was their #1 competitor, he just thought it was funny.

Aged By The Sun

Scientists have announced that the sun is five billion years old. It just looks older because it’s spent so much time in the sun.

Christmas Gifts

I just remembered something of interest to my customers: Last year we started collecting gifts for Medi-Home Hospice’s Christmas to the Nursing Homes and Retirement Apartments. We had three boxes full last year, this year our goal is to have one more box. So from Tuesday, Dec. 10 to Sunday, Dec. 15, if you bring a gift in for the box I will knock $1 off of your service. Some of the list are: wipes, powders, games, hats, scarves, blankets, word search, coloring books, crayons, puzzles, and so on and so on. The list goes on and on.

Well, it’s really late and I’m really tired, so maybe next week I’ll have more news. Oh and it’s not too late to get your Angel put on our Memorial Wall, call the town hall at 545-2103, and if you want to send a donation for the Festival of Lights, which pays our Christmas Lights, just call the town hall for details also. Thanks. Good night. 864-545-6652

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