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I really received a real neat gift Friday from my customer and friend, Anna Lemons of Keepsake Jewelry Store on Main Street in Union. It was a Lottie Dottie ring. I’d never seen this jewelry before. You can interchange the settings in the rings, with a variety of colored stones, emblems, and she said they have the bracelets and necklaces, also.

Well I never buy jewelry, but this is so within my budget, cheap, that I can get me a wardrobe of Lotties Dotties. My customers went crazy over my piece of bling, and if I had them in my shop last week, I think I would have sold all of them. I’ve thought it would be great to have a Lottie Dottie party.

Ice Cream Social

Lockhart First Baptist Church will be having an ice cream social this Sunday, Aug. 11, so if you have a churn, it’s alright to make some and share. Or how about watermelon or cookies? Last Sunday they had hot dogs and singing.

When I first came to town, the First Baptist always went to Burgess’s pond for their social and services in August, and they did this for many years. I believe the mosquitoes enjoyed this also.


Aren’t the mosquitoes terrible this year? I should have never made fun of Chuck all these years, because it’s payback time. We would sit outside at night and he’d be slapping at them constantly and they never bit me.

I can’t walk in the yard without bites all over my legs and upper arms. The back yard is the worst. I am trying a compost and every time I take up vegetables or fruit rinds to put in my container, I am attacked, they never get fed up on the hill until I’m there. But it’s not just here, I’ve heard on the news that they’re bad all over this year.

Mowing The Lawn

Well, my grass cutting isn’t getting any better then it was last week. I took the weedeater back to the store, so I’m on a mission to buy another one today, hope I do better this time.

Chuck helped me pick out the last one, my daughter got online and picked this one out, let’s see how she does. She analyzes everything and does a lot of research, and asks for feedback from people who buy these products. Sometimes these things drive me nuts, but they always help in the long run. I can’t buy anything that she doesn’t check on. I say, just buy the thing!

We worked on cutting some more of the hill at the side of my yard Saturday evening, but couldn’t get it finished. I have next Monday off so maybe I can finish it, then. I even tried to hire the weedeating done, just one more time, but it had to be done while I was in Spartanburg, so my daughter wouldn’t know I was cheating on the lawn. But anyway, no one wanted to tackle it, so I’m on for Monday.

At The Beach

I hope Dale and Patti got plenty of relaxation at the beach last week. Dale said he was going to get in a lot of fishing and Patti was going to get a lot of sun. They couldn’t wait to get away from the humdrum of home and cutting grass at the ballpark.

More Vacation News

Ailene is back from her vacation, and I really thought that her nephew, Donnie, was at her place, but I found out he was at the beach sunning himself, or just visiting some of his old friends, since he lived down there for many years. But everyone’s back in Lockhart, now. Brenda, Luke, Arnold and Margie spent the weekend at the mountains shopping. Brenda even said that Luke and Arnold entertained all the guests at the motel with their singing also.

Tax Free Weekend

Tax free weekend was crazy! It was like the Thanksgiving sale when everyone sleeps outside the stores just to save a lot of dollars, only this time it might be only 25 cents. The stores were crowded and lines were long, and the wait impossible.

Back to School

It’s just about time for school to start, and I heard that Lockhart middle school will be missing a very favorite teacher this year. I heard that Mark Inman will not be continuing to teach math, but going into a different line of work. I haven’t heard exactly what, yet.

Some of the students told me that they never understood some of the math until Mark broke it down and showed them just how to conquer the problems. They really started liking math. I hope they keep up the good work without him.

New Residents

Nancy and Roger became residents of No Man’s Land now. That is a beautiful area, and the residents work hard to keep it that way. I know they will love making Inez Cabiness’s home their own. But I hate pulling out onto the highway from that area. When the new bridge goes up the exit will come off the other side of the bridge and I think it will be easier to see traffic coming down the road. I heard it will be started in 2015.

Vacation Bible School

Lockhart Freewill had Vacation Bible School this week. I wish I would have known in time to tell all of you. But maybe you read the sign outside the church and sent your children, anyway.

The churches used to run one right after the other, but now some of them run on the same week. It keeps the little ones busy and excited to go. Thursday was the final night and the ceremony.

Good Question

I overheard two EMT volunteers talking about the time they went to the aid of an elderly man. As one took down his information, the other opened his shirt to attach EKG cables.

“Any history of heart trouble?” asked the first volunteer.

“None,” said the patient.

Looking at the telltale scars of bypass surgery, the second volunteer wasn’t so sure.

“In that case,” he said, “do you remember when the lion attacked you?”


Bernice Canupp’s birthday is the 8th of August. So is Sara Jane Fowler’s, Happy Birthday to both of you ladies. William Vinson and Gene Spouse’s is the 9th. Hunter Plemmons and Sally Palmer’s is the 10th. Tammy McKnight’s is the 11th. Ila Johnson, Amber Moser, and Gonzalee Childers’s is the 12th.


My sympathy goes out to John and Margaret McCarley for the loss of their son Kevin. And to the family of Helen McSwain.

Family Memories

I had a brother-in-law, Lee Jr. McSwain, and when I lived up North, and had only been married a few years, and really didn’t know him too well. He lived in Newberry, S.C. and I lived in Flint, Mich.

Well anyway, back to my story: He would take his wife, Margaret, to work, in Newberry, and drive up to our house. Margaret, of course, would not be picked up by him from work and did not know where he was until he would wake us up in the middle of the night, and I would give her a call and inform her where he was. If you drove real fast and did not have to make very many stops, you might make it in alittle over 15 hours.

After a brief visit we would send him to the other sister’s house to sleep, since we both had to work first shift. Lee Jr. did this many times.

Twice a year, members of the family, including him and his family, would come for their vacations and spend them with us and we would have the best times. But we would make sure it was our vacation time also, so we could entertain. It was a good time in our lives.

Novel Solution

After applying their lipstick in the school bathroom, a number of girls would press their lips to the mirror, leaving dozens of little lip prints. The principal decided that something had to be done. So she called all the girls to the bathroom and explained that the lip prints were causing a major problem for the custodian.

To demonstrate how difficult it was, she asked the maintenance man to clean one of the mirrors. He took out a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet and swabbed the glass. Since then, there have been no lip prints.


I heard on the new today, that this has been the rainiest summer we have ever had. I really believe it. I haven’t had to water my plants all summer, except for the first week I put them in the ground. A lot have said the tomatoes got too much water and did not do well. Nothing I planted did great anyway. With the outside work I’ve been having done and the grass I really haven’t had any time to pamper plants anyway. Maybe next year I’ll just save my money and not plant any flowers or vegetables.

It’s late and I really need to go to bed, so I’ll say good night. Please call with some information so I can tell everyone about what you’ve been up to. 545-6652

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