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Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

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Well, here I am in the second week of being home and do you think there is anything going on in Lockhart that people want to talk about? NO!! So you might have to hear about me again. Ho Hum.


The Gregory Playground has been invaded with some kind of Japanese Bees. I heard they stung Hugh everywhere, probably while he was trying to get rid of them. He said he used everything he could think of to get rid of them. They closed the park for a while. Call Town Hall to see if they are gone. I hope they don’t migrate anywhere else. 545-2103.


While in Michigan, I really didn’t see everyone I planned, but with cell phone numbers that get changed all the time and forgetting my way around, I was lucky for the ones I did see.

I spent quite a few hours with my Aunt Linda, who just lost her husband (my mother’s youngest brother), Uncle Johnny Mangapora, that was so nice. That was the only one on my mother’s side that I saw.

My father’s family, now that was another story. It was like old times. We were a tight family that did everything together. My cousin Kathy Acken, took a couple of days from her business and rode me around everywhere, it’s funny how lost you become when you haven’t been there in a long time. She’d say “Is there somewhere else you’d like to go?” “Go! I don’t even know where I am now or where anything else is.” We saw a lot of memories. Lots of laughs.


I stayed with my Uncle Fred (widower). Well, I went in to take a shower and wash my hair, the first night. I took off my clothes and tried to adjust the water, it was some kind of ring on the wall with a knob in the middle. Well I pushed where it said hot and turned, twisted, etc. All I could get was icy cold water, so I stood at the back of the tub and kept reaching to wet and soap the cloth, there was no way I was putting my body under ice, it was a struggle getting soaped and then trying to rinse off with just the cloth and ice.

Well after I got dressed I was telling my Uncle about it and he showed me how to get hot water, I decided to lean over the tub and wash my hair with a hand held shower head, I had water going everywhere and I now had scalding hot water cause I couldn’t adjust for cold, and it was a hand-held shower head, I had water spraying everywhere. Did I get all the shampoo out?? Who knows! My cousin told me to come to her house for the next shower. Well it was funny to us.

The Yard

Well, it took me four hours to get my yard back into shape, mowing, weed eating, and pulling weeds to save my flowers, that couldn’t breathe. Then, where did all the black soot come from that was choking my porch rails and swings, that took another day, along with suffocating red ant hills that have popped up everywhere.

When you’re away for a week, it takes two weeks to get your place back to normal. Is it worth it?? No wonder I’ve never taken a vacation. My vacation was in 1979, and that was packing up a U-Haul and moving here, it was a July 4th weekend. And I never took another.


Chase and Geniece had a baby girl Sunday. Congratulations.


Betty Stepp is in Wallace Thompson, if you want to visit while in Union.


Doc Young is finally getting his vacation this week, Myrtis went to Myrtle Beach for rest and relaxation, and Doc gets to stay home, maybe with his “Honey-Do-List.”

Back To School

If you are thinking of a last minute trip, better get on the ball, because school is starting Aug. 18. And the school wouldn’t tell the students what supplies they needed, they have to wait until school starts, so the parents missed out on the tax free weekend. Maybe they need to have a tax free day after school starts instead of ahead.

Swimming Pool

When we were walking the halls of our school at our reunion, we asked about our swimming pool and we were told that the students weren’t interested so they closed it up. That’s a shame, we didn’t have a choice, it was part of phys-ed. Sometimes, after we spent hours fixing our hair before going to school, it might have been our first class, so we spent the rest of the day with a wet head. Or if it was our last class, we went out in the snow with a wet head. Oh the memories.


Well last week I missed birthday’s, so now for some belated: Aug. 1, Ricky Farr; Aug. 2, Monty Allen and Scott Thompson; 3rd, Pam Smith, Elizabeth Gibson, David Blanton and Katie Adams; 4th Jessica Pettit, Mark Stein and Brad Seaward; 5th, Mardene Matthews, Jerry Woodsby, Carl Alexander and Allison Thompson and Larry Tyler. The 6th are Arnold Childers, Jaylon Voiselle and Brandon Abbot.

Happy Birthday to Bernice Canupp, Sara Jane Fowler and Mackenzie Land on the 8th. 9th are William Vinson, Beth Paul, and Gene Sprouse. The 10th are Sally Palmer and Hunter Plemmons. Tammy McKnight’s is on the 11th. On the 12th is Ila Johnson, Amber Comer, Gonzalee Childers, Amber Moser and Jason Colson, and Chance Williams on the 13th.


Happy Belated Anniversary to Charlotte and Marvin Ashe on the 1st. On the 8th is Jimmy and Linda Williams. On the 9th, Marva and Ted Garner, and on the 13th, Lee and Darlene Broome.


Do not wait until conditions are perfect to begin, beginning makes conditions perfect. And we’re all so busy chasing the extraordinary that we forget to stop and be grateful for the ordinary.

I’ll say good night now and feel free to call me at 864-545-6652.

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