Land Transfers in Union County

For the weeks of July 16-31

UNION COUNTY — The Union County Clerk of Court recorded the following verified property transfers during the weeks of July 16-31.

• A lot with improvements situated on the north side of Hart Street Extension, 214 Hart Street, Union Township, from Robert L. Salter to Gayle Salter for $5.

• A lot with improvements containing 2 acres on the western side of SC Highway 44-69 (1 1/4 miles from Monarch), 757 Peach Orchard Road, Union, from Matthew T. Kendrick to Stephanie Ann Brackins for $70,000.

• Lots 3 & 4, Block D with improvements containing 0.524 acre, Westwood Subdivision, 110 Forest Drive, Carlisle, from Special Referee Pete Diamaduros, Anthony Woodard, and Carol Woodard to Ditech Financial LLC for $29,000.

• Deed in lieu of foreclosure for 441 North Duncan Bypass, Union, from LA Highrise LLC to California Funding Group LLC for $1.

• A parcel with improvements containing 30 acres, 126 Foster Farm Road, Union, from William Howard Gibson and Stacy P. Gibson to Mark G. Moore and Teresa M. Moore for $440,000.

• Tract 3 on Plat for Doris Parks Gallagher Estate, Town of Jonesville, from Margie Ann F. Robinson to John Timothy Bryant and Crystal Robinson Bryant for $5.

• Lot fronting 109.61 feet on the southern side of River Hills Road, 225 River Hills Road, Union Township, from United States Department of Housing and Urban Development aka Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC to Brenda M. Black for $62,000.

• A lot with improvements containing .88 acre being in the shape of a triangle off SC Highway 49, 309 Estes Road, Union, from William Arnold Childers and Margie E. Childers to Monica C. Vlock, Jason Arnold Childers, William Arnold Childers Life Estate, and Marjorie E. Childers Life Estate for $5.

• A lot with improvements fronting 100 feet on the northern side of SC Highway #91 leading from Union to Lockhart about 1/2 mile from Monarch Mill, 2501 Lockhart Highway, Union, from Phillip G. Russell and Sybil B. Russell to Phillip G. Russell II, Phillip G. Russell Life Estate, and Sybil B. Russell Life Estate for $5.

• Lots 10 & 12 front 100 feet on the eastern side of Foster Street, Union, from Shirley M. Young aka Shirley S. Young nka Shirley Minyard for $5.

• A lot situated on the northeast side of SC Highway 105 containing one acre, Pinckney Township, from Shirllene M. Gregory and Shirllene M. Gregory Living Trust for $1.

• Lot #146 with improvements, 249 Gin Circle, Buffalo, from Special Referee William D. Keels, Eddie Wayne Newton, and Laura B. Newton to Nationstar Mortgage LLC for $10,000.

• A parcel with improvements containing 88.38 acres fronting SC Highway 215 (Buffalo-West Springs Highway) in Bogansville Township in the West Springs Community and also lots in Spartanburg County, from Murray Davis to Murray Davis and Holly Davis for $10.

• Lot No. 9, Block F, Fifth Addition to Cherokee Estates containing .90 acre, Union County, from William D. Lawson and Holly Lawson to Richard Jason Adams and Keri A. Adams for $165,000.

• One half interest in Lot 5 with improvements on the western side of Riley Road containing 8.6 acres, from Carla Marie Champion to Troy E. Champion for $10.

• A parcel containing 44.79 acres fronting Sulphur Springs Road, Union County, from Carl R. Parker and Larry L. Boiter to P&B Farm LLC.

• Lot A with improvements containing 2.49 acres subject to easement for ingress and egress, Dill Drive, Union County, from Bryan Christopher Dill to Annette Armstrong for $3,000.

• Lot 4 with improvements in the Wallace Company Village, 427 Forest Street, Jonesville, from Jason Rector and Steven Rector to Dennis E. Dunagin for $6,000.

• A portion of Lot 2 with improvements containing 2 acres, 125 Fleming Hill Road, Jonesville, from Robert Stanley Fleming Jr. to Danny C. Ford II and Amy Q. Ford for $135,000.

• Lots 112, 317, 318 with improvements of Lockhart Mill and Lockhart Power Company, Union County, from Milliken & Company to Pacolet Milliken Enterprises Inc. for $10.

• Lots 112, 317, 318 with improvements of Lockhart Mill and Lockhart Power Company, Union County, from Pacolet Milliken Enterprises Inc. to Bentley Broad River Properties LLC for $3,900.

• Lots 303, 306, 314, 316, 320, 321, and 330 with improvements of Lockhart Mill and Lockhart Power Company, from Pacolet Milliken Enterprises Inc. to Bentley Broad River Properties LLC for $9,100.

• Lot 2 with improvements containing .255 acre in the Carson Davis Subdivision, 504 Lakeview Heights, Union, from Terrance J. Booker and Tashima S. Booker to Terrance J. Booker for $5.

• Lot 193 with improvements in the subdivision of Lockhart Mill, 309 North 1st Street, Lockhart, from David N. Jenkins to Mona Lanier for $26,500.

• Lot No. 3 with improvements, subdivision plat for Paul G. Kirby and William A. Seals, 504 Peach Orchard Street, Union, from Larry W. Burgess and Elma B. Burgess to Robert C. Hines and Jennifer B. Hines for $10.

• Lot 21, Block A with improvements of the 2nd and 3r additions to Cherokee Estates, 307 Glendale Road, Union, from John Michael Adkins to Raymond Goodman and Antoinette Goodman for $127,000.

• Lot Number 2 of old National Hotel lots with improvements front 25 feet on the southern side of East Main Street, 132 East Main Street, Union, from Tugart Properties LLC to Elaine M. Lawson and Billy C. Lawson for $5,000.

• Lot 18, 118 Wingfield Drive, Union, from Jennifer Walker Brown and Benjamin Frederick Brown to Robert M. Hope Jr. and Rebecca L. Hope for $197,000.

• A lot at the corner of Ravenscroft and Wells streets, 101 Ravenscroft Street, Union, from Pinkney Marshall to Audrey B. Robinson for $41,300.

• Lots 9 & 10 with improvements on the southern side of Highway 215 (locally known as Beltline), 328 Beltline Road, Union, from Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Kelly Elizabeth Roark for $10,500.

• Lot No. 2 with improvements fronting on Highland Street (Standpipe Street) in the subdivsion of Minnie Lentz Property, 104 Standpipe Street, Union, from Liquanda Johnson to Juanita J. Broadus for $5.

• Lot 26 with improvements containing 1.13 acre, 151 Timberlake Road, Union County, from Southern Specialty Properties LLC to Homero Paniagua and Alejandro Ballesteros for $30,000.

• Land containing five acres with improvements about 1 1/2 mile below Monarch Mills on the highway leading from Union to Santuc and including a 1998 Dynasty motor home, 1362 Monarch Highway, Union, from Judity L. Bowswer fka as Judity L. Smith to Richard N. Gregory and June G. Gregory for $55,000.
For the weeks of July 16-31
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