Four sets of siblings at Activity Fun Camp

By Charles Warner cwarner@civitasmedia.com

July 17, 2014

UNION — The 13 children taking part in this week’s Activity Fun Camp at USC Union include four pairs of siblings.

One of the goals of the Activity Fun Camp is to plant the seed of learning in the children participating in the camp by showing them that learning can be fun.

Enjoying that fun and having that seed of learning nurtured in them this week are four pairs of siblings — two sisters and three pairs of brothers — who are taking part in the camp together. Those siblings are:

• Emma and Abby Gregory

• Nathan and Bryson Weaver

• William and Warren Childers

• Keldin and Kameron Zimmerman

Like the rest of the children involved in the camp, the siblings took part in Tuesday’s “Traveling The Oregon Trail” computer competition, none of them on the same team. Emma Gregory was on Team II while Abby was on Team 1. Nathan Weaver was on Team III while Bryson Weaver was on Team IV. William Childers was on Team III while Warren Childers was on Team I. Keldin Zimmerman was on Team IV while Kameron Zimmerman was on Team I.

Regardless of what team they were on, the siblings, like the rest of the children taking part in the camp, had a good time competing to see who could travel the furthest along the online version of the Oregon Trail.

Later in the day, the siblings and the rest of the children returned to the USC Union Founders House where the majority of the camp’s activities are taking place. Once there, the children did another read-thru for Friday’s state production of “The Cat in the Hat” in order to finalize the parts each child will play.

In order to ensure each child has a part, some of the characters in the play, such as The Cat in the Hat, are divided between two children, with one child playing the part in the first act and the other child playing them in the second act.

The characters and the children playing them are:

• Thing 1 — Nathan Weaver

• Thing 2 — Kameron Zimmerman

• Fish 1 — Emma Gregory

• Fish 2 — Keldin Zimmerman

• Mother — Alyssa Rhodes

• Cat 1 — Kaitlyn Gist

• Cat 2 — William Childers

• Boy 1 — Bryson Weaver

• Boy 2 — Tyger Suggs

• Sally 1 — Hannah Paschall

• Sally 2 — Abby Gregory

• Narrator 1 — Malachi Gibson

• Narrator 2 — Warren Childers

The children will rehearse the play today and Friday morning before presenting it at 2 p.m. Friday afternoon in the USC Union Auditorium.

In addition to rehearsing and making other preparations for the play, the children will also engage in a number of other activities including launching rockets; playing dodge ball; making “flubber;” and making and playing with water bombs today. Friday’s activities prior to the play will include a game of Final Jeopardy; watching “Bee Movie;” taking on a team challenge obstacle course; playing kickball and Duck-Duck-Goose.