JROTC Awards Day

April 27, 2014

UNION COUNTY — The Union County High School JROTC Yellow Jacket Battalion held its annual awards day ceremony on April 22 to recognize cadets for outstanding performance throughout the year.

Parents who have volunteered to help with various battalion events were recognized first. Certificates were presented by the Battalion Commander, C/LTC Michael Leigh and SFC (Ret.) Franklin McCullough to Mr. Keith Wright, Mrs. Paula Wright, Mr. Andy Fowler, Mrs. Pam Fowler, Mr. Robbie McGee, Mrs. Susan Senn, Mrs. Rosa Farnacci, and Mrs. Lisa Summers. Mr. Randall Burns, Mrs. Deanna Burns, and Mrs. Amy McGee were not present.

Mr. Henry Turner presented Pirelli Big Buck T-shirts to cadets who participated in the color guard at the Grand National Cross Country Championships: C/MAJ Alana Wright, C/CSM Satardra Hall, C/FSG Andre Jeter, C/SFC Ricky White, C/SSG Kristan Lewis, C/SSG Gino Ferguson, C/CPL Kolby Riddle, and C/1LT Nicole Fowler.

C/SSG Austin Keatley was the Outstanding Color Guard member.

C/CPL Devon Dyer was the Best Drilled Cadet.

C/CPL Sarah McGee was the Outstanding Rifle Team member.

Physical Fitness Awards were presented to the top five male and female cadets in Cadet Challenge.

Males were: C/FSG Quan Neal, C/SGT Ronnie Woodruff, C/CPT Ethan Pendleton, C/1LT Brandon Copeland, and C/SSG Tyrin Briggs.

Females were C/1LT Hailey Sherbert, C/SGT Kayleigh Duckett, C/CSM Satardra Hall, C/SSG Taylor Lee, and C/SGT Lea Kershaw.

As the top male and female, Quan Neal and Hailey Sherbert will have their names engraved on a plaque in the JROTC hallway.

C/SGT Lea Kershaw was the Outstanding Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer.

C/CPT Nicolas Garrison was the Outstanding Cadet Officer.

SFC (R) Franklin McCullough presented the Army Instructor Leadership Development Ribbon to C/CPL Ivanna Bell, C/PVT Bobby Bedore, C/CPL Kolby Riddle, C/CPL Skylar Senn, C/PVT Dylan Kendrick, C/CPL Devon Dyer, C/PVT Zachary Lowe, C/PFC Hunter Plemmons, and C/Ryan Young.

SFC (R) Franklin McCullough presented the Army Instructor Award to C/CPL Darrian Jeter.

Colonel (R) John Odell presented the Senior Army Instructor Leadership Development Ribbon to C/SFC Ricky White, C/SGT Ronnie Woodruff, C/FSG Andre Jeter, C/PFC Jeremiah Jeter, and C/SSG Tyrin Briggs.

C/SSG Gino Ferguson received the Senior Army Instructor Award

The Marine Corps League Award was presented to C/CPT Justin Dudley.

C/SFC Denise Cipriano won the JROTC Essay Contest Award.

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation Ribbon was presented to C/CPL Skylar Senn and C/SGT Jeffery McDaniel.

C/SFC Ricky White received the Board of Education and Trustees Award.

Mr. Floyd Lyles, Principal of Union County High School, presented the following awards: Academic Excellence to (LET 4) C/CPT Detric Means, (LET 3) C/1LT Brandon Copeland, (LET 2) C/SFC Les Wentz, and (LET 1) C/PVT Austin Roark. C/SFC Alex Childers who had the highest grades in JROTC for the year won the district award for academic excellence.

The West Point Association Leadership Award was presented to C/1LT Brandon Copeland.

C/1LT Nicole Fowler received the Military Officers Association of America Award.

Mrs. Gloria Northern presented The American Legion Post 22 Auxiliary Award for Military Excellence to C/SSG Taylor Lee and the American Legion Post 22 Auxiliary Award for Scholastic Excellence to C/SGT Toni Teal.

Colonel (Retired) Bill Goodwin presented the American Legion Post 22 Award for Military Excellence to C/SFC Francisco Ramirez and the American Legion Post 22 Award for Scholastic Excellence to C/SFC Alex Childers.

Mr. Freddie Thompson presented the National Sojourner’s Award to C/1LT Hailey Sherbert, the Military Order of World Wars Award to C/FSG Quandarius Neal, and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Award to C/CPT Ethan Pendleton.

The Reserve Officers Association Award was presented to C/FSG Shameek White.

Mrs. Margaret McCarley presented the Daughters of the American Revolution Award to C/MAJ Alana Wright.

Mr. John Ingle presented C/LTC Michael Leigh with the Sons of the American Revolution Award.

Department of the Army Superior Cadet Awards were presented by SFC (R) Franklin McCullough to LET 1-C/CPL Sarah McGee, LET 2-C/SFC Les Wentz, LET 3-C/CSM Satardra Hall, and LET 4-C/CPT Detric Means.