News Around Lockhart: Litter Pick Up Day and what is recyclable

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

March 28, 2014

We had a nice town meeting last night (Tuesday), lots of guests and speakers. Brown Fant went over our audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. It’s always important for him to bring it to our attention of how we stand.

Litter Pick Up Day

Curtiss Hunter, the Interim Tourism Director, and Johnny Gibson, the Department of Public Works Director, spoke on Taking Pride-Litter Pick Up Day on April 26 2014. Call the town hall and tell Ailene you would like to help. Refreshments will be furnished by Ms. Hunter.


What’s recyclable? Cardboard, paper, plastics-#1-7, motor oil, carpet, thermostats, auto batteries, rechargeable batteries, metal, cooking oil, oil filters, antifreeze, computers and components, televisions, cell phones, aluminum cans, clear glass, colored glass,printers, and paint.

Ask where you recycle and they’ll tell you where you can take some of these things. I think, some of it goes to the main recycle place on SC 18. I would have asked last night but I was not feeling well, I could have been recycled and wouldn’t care.

A Long Time

Oh and I thought this was interesting. How long will it stay when you throw it away?

Cigarette butts — five years, plastic bag — 1,000 years, aluminum cans — 200 years, glass bottles — forever, leather boot — 50 years, milk carton — 5 years, disposable diaper — 500 years, cotton shirt — five months, plywood — three years, steel tin can — 100 years, wool sock — five years, banana peel — one month, and styrofoam — forever.

I’ll bet you never thought of this before.

Income Surveys

I think all the income surveys are in for the grant for the Lockhart Sewer Upgrade. When this is done, all of Lockhart will finally be upgraded.

We could only do this one section at a time, because of the amount of grant money available. So from Mill St, S. 1st, S. 2nd, and S. 3rd on the hill of Lockhart, this is where it will be going on.


May 17, put this on your calendar, Jacob’s Well will be holding their second annual festival, “Down By The River.” There will be food vendors, crafts, games, cornhole, T-shirts, music, etc. I’ll tell you more when I get an update.

What A Day

What a day I had Monday, (knew you couldn’t wait to hear all about me!!). Went to the yearly doctor’s appointment in the a.m., blood work. Went to chiropractor, Dr. Bridgett Sherman (Miller), she can ease a pain in a minute, and that rolling bed, (to die for). Went to post office, bank, washed car, CVS, Save-a-Lot for fruit (best buy in town). See I’m trying to stall for time to go to the dentist, to put a crown back on that I was afraid I’d swallow through the night. What a day.

At The Dentist

While at the dentist I ran into, well not really, he was at a disadvantage, he was in Cindy’s chair having his teeth cleaned.

If you know Cindy at Dr. Wilkins’ office you know what I mean. She and I could get into so much trouble with our mouths running in that office. I heard that Dr. Wilkins discovered she had a big S tatooed on her forehead for stupid.

New Baby

Oh well, back to the young man, or I should say new father, again. He wanted me to announce that he (Alan Rogers) and his wife (Lindsay Allen) and baby brother was joined by a baby girl, weighing 7’ 14” on March 23, 2014. Congrats.

Sammy Webber came by and told me a place that Robert, my mouth cancer friend, could get a monthly supply of Ensure for his feeding tube. I relayed the message to his friends and they can’t remember, so if anyone knows please call me.

He is starting treatments and has to be on this for eight weeks. He was pureeing and liquidfying his food for the tube, but the doctors said that for eight weeks he can only have the Boost or Ensure. If anyone has any left over that they don’t want can you bring it by my shop at 411 Lockhart Drive.

Again, I want to thank Bobby and Sue Harris, Sue Taylor and Dot Millwood for their contributions.

Birthday Party

Well Mrs Jessie Roberts had her 95th birthday party, and wanted it at Pizza Hut, she was joined by family and friends.

At The Beach

Lynn Webber’s mom, Lucille, was here visiting from Hendersonville, and was joining the Methodists at Myrtle Beach for a few fun days. Can’t wait to hear what they got into. John Bobo went also, whoa, I’ll be he was the life of the party.

Another New Baby

Mandy Price and David Campbell had a baby girl, last week, also. Mandy works at Austin Rehab.

Military Ball

I saw that Randall and Deanna Burns chaperoned the Military Ball this year at Union County High School. I want to say that Ollie was an honorary guest since she was over the ROTC last year. She is a student at Clemson now, and when she comes home she likes to work at Midway, so look for her and say hi.


What about this weather? cold and windy. But Chuck called me when he got home from work yesterday morning, and said he kept hearing pinging on the roof at Gestamp. So when someone came in that a.m. (see Chuck works third) he said it was sleet. So when Chuck left for home it was still sleeting and snow flurries.

Well if we had it here in Lockhart, I must have slept through it. But wasn’t that wind terrible. Sounded so scary while we were in our meeting.

Remember In Prayer

Pray for Marlene Shugart, please, I heard she was up in the cancer center.

Pray for a young man of 24, he lives in Arizona, and is a family friend of my cousin. His name is Abram Aponte, he got double pneumonia, but it effected his heart, lungs, they had to take a valve out. He’s now on dialysis, swollen from the hips down, in ICU. So much damage. I know you don’t know him but pray for him and his family please.

Young People

I see that the youth at the Lockhart First Baptist Church will be taking charge of all of the services this Sunday morning. They will also be teaching Sunday school. Pray for them and go and support them. Pat Fowler is doing such a great job with them.

I just read in their bulletin that the youth will hire themselves out for an hour or two to do odd jobs for you in April. Talk to Pat Fowler about a job you may want done and get paired up with a youth to do it for you.


April 2 — Alex Seward, Johnny Belue. April 3 — Rev. Delos Blanton, Ann Wilson. April 4 — Deloris Clayton. April 5 — Todd Carter.


April 3 — Pete and Kay Stachler, Brad and Stephanie Smith. April 5 — Steve and Sheila Robinson.

The Plastic Surgeon

In an interview, a plastic surgeon was asked if he’d ever done anything shocking.

“I don’t think so,” he replied. “But I’ve certainly raised a few eyebrows.”

Friendly Indeed

A woman walked into the vets office wanting to have her cat and six kittens spayed and neutered.

“Is the mother friendly?” the vet asked.

“Very,” said the woman, casting an eye on all the pet carriers. “That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.”

Gotta go, been running my mouth and fingers too long, but for once I can’t say good night Believe it or not it’s only 3 p.m. instead of my usual 3 a.m. On my way to Spartanburg, so until next week please call me at 864-545-6652.