News Around Lockhart: Join us for the monthly council meetings

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

March 7, 2014

If you want to know what is said at our monthly Town Hall meetings, they are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome, and if you want to voice your opinion on something, just come in 24 hours earlier and state that you want to be put on the agenda. That simple. But if you don’t know what the meeting is about, please don’t go by hearsay or jump the gun and go around to the neighborhood and spout off on what you think is happening. Rumors and gossip can be awful.

In the last meeting there were the committee reports. I reported on the renters at which time I told that all our rental properties are rented. Donnie on the water filter plant, Barry on the old Army building on Lockhart Drive, and Beverly was absent.

Next we discussed the CDBG sewer project which will be from the back alley of Mill St. over to the end of the south side of town. We discussed doing an income survey, which we did on the north side of town for our last sewage project.

Next we had a letter from Union County Schools inviting us for their annual Black History program on Feb. 26. The meeting was adjourned after that.

What was so controversial at this meeting that sent two gentlemen house to house with propaganda. I really wish they would join us every month for our meetings. Then they would have the facts straight. Thank you and I really don’t mean to offend anyone, we just should know the truths in what we do.


One day John McCarley told me that if I got on Facebook, I would find a lot of things to write about for my column.

Well I’ve been on about two weeks and haven’t found anything yet.

I love all your pics and articles, but be real, tell me some juicy stuff that everyone wants to know about you. And then some of you tell me something in private that I can’t print. WOW!

Lousy Birthday

Well Chuck had a lousy birthday. I’ll just bet he can’t remember what Gina and I got him or what his cards said. Gina said he came over and just glanced into the bags and glanced at his cards.

He was highly aggravated when we saw him, and it was all about his phone. He purchased a phone and plan with Walmart, and it seems AT&T took over this brand and WalMart is not selling the cards anymore. Now he’s waited the to last day to get a card. They sent him to the gas station to get a card and they said we don’t carry them. Well he went everywhere, no luck.

My genius daughter kept telling him to call the phone service and they will tell him what to do. Oh no he had to stew over this for hours. Long story short he finally took Gina’s advice, after headaches, ulcers, etc. called and she told him he could use any card. Got one and is happy! He finally reread his cards and I think he laughed, we didn’t get to see his face (with our cutdowns) to see how he felt being a year older.

Changing Weather

One day it’s spring and the next it’s winter. We went to Greenville on Monday, and it was so cold, it felt like an icy wind against your body. After a doctor’s appointment we like to shop, but after two stores we decided we were not having any fun, getting in and out of the car, with the wind blowing the car doors out of your hands, and the wind pushing into the buildings. It was terrible.

We came home and in one way it was nice to get home before 10 p.m., usually it’s midnight.

We stopped at the Dollar General on the way to the house and they told us there had been some sleet earlier in Lockhart. I know when I went to Union that morning it was a downpour. In one day we get three days ofweather. Where else can you not predict what you can wear for the day of comfort.


My sympathy goes out to Mary Johnson’s family. She used to be one of my customers, and we would have the best conversations, and exchange books. She was just an adorable person.

An Apology

Shirley Hawkins informed that Tammy turned 47 on Feb. 25, so sorry we missed that big day.


March 1 belonged to Rex Walkingstick, Mackenzie Allen, and Barbara Richardson, happy birthday. Ann Trakas had one on the 2nd, happy belated. Lindsay Nation on the 3rd and Duane Franklin on the 4th. Happy Birthday to John Gibson, Kay Wright, and Angie Burnett on the 5th, Casey Woodsby on the 6th, Warren Childers on the 7th, Derek Adams on the 8th, Robin Massey and Wanda Stein on the 9th. On the 12th Amelia Thompson and Teeny Beason. I hope all of you had a happier birthday than Chuck.

Wild Game Supper

Wild Game Supper March 15. I don’t know if there are anymore tickets to get in but ask Jantzen Childers about it. I know how exciting it is to have a chance to eat alligator, bear, snake, gopher, etc. Give me chicken!!


Oh no! The youth at the First Baptist Church are going to start taking orders for donuts, and you can pick them up, Sunday, March 16.

How did the North survive without Krispy Kremes? I know we used to get fresh donuts from a bakery, but I can’t even remember where or what the name was. Krispy Kreme just lives in my head. But, I can’t buy any. I’d have to eat them all! And I’m always dieting, since I lied about my weight on that insurance questionaire, but the agent forgave me.So I have to say NO!

But please, the rest of you please support the youth. I think they are trying to get money for Aruba mission trip.

Sunday, March 9 we will have set our clocks ahead one hour. So do it Saturday night before you go to bed. Or you will be late for church.


I sincerely want to thank Sue and Bobby Harris for the box of Boost drinks for Robert. They were the only ones to respond to this cry for help. Besides Dot Millwood and Sue Taylor who started this. He is very grateful for this, and now I heard that they will have to pull his teeth since this surgery because of taking bone out of the jaw it’s moving his teeth together. So I hope he keeps his spirits up while we try to help him through this time. Again Thank You.


A man walks into a barbershop and asks, “How much for a haircut?”

“Twelve dollars,” says the barber.

“And for a shave?” “Ten dollars.”

“All right” says the man, settling into the barber chair, “Shave my head.”

A Riddle

Question: Yellow I look, and massive I weigh, in the morning I come to brighten Mom’s day. What am I?

Answer: A school bus.

Good Answer

One afternoon my six-year old daughter showed me a picture of a fat cat she had drawn.

I asked her what kind it was and she told me it was going to have kittens.

See, I’ll show you, she said.

Carefully she outlined in pencil four very small kittens inside the cat’s body.

I then asked, do you know how they got there?

Looking at me seriously, she said, of course I know. I drew them!

Well it’s time to say good night, give me a call at 864-545-6652.