News Around Lockhart: Sliding down Mill Hill, and bread and milk

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

February 15, 2014

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m listening to the sleet outside, and the four-wheelers going up and down the road. I heard that people were sliding down Mill Hill, this is traditional when it snows.

A night like tonight makes me wish that I still lived in the house that is now the town hall. I’d grab a blanket and sit on the porch and watch all the fun. And hope everyone made it cleanly down the hill and didn’t hit a wall. I haven’t heard much auto traffic up our road, and that’s good, because I don’t think it’s too safe under the snow, and there really isn’t anywhere you have to be, because every place is closed.

Hot Spot

This is the first time that the Hot Spot closed, since I’ve moved here. I used to work there, and if you could not drive there to get to work, someone with a four-wheel drive would come and get you. It absolutely stayed opened 24 hours.

It’s been sold, and I heard the new owners live in Rock Hill, and closed early today, so they could get everyone home before it got real bad. I heard that they will usually be open from 5 a.m. to midnight. I think it’s great and wish them luck, even though I haven’t met them yet. I’ll make a point to interview them when the weather gets a little better.

Taking Care Of The Town

Well, the mayor, Ailene, took advantage of the snow days, and left a few days early to go to daughter Cheryl’s home in Spartanburg to help celebrate Cheryl’s birthday. So she called me and told me that I could take care of this town.

My first call came yesterday, it seems that some boys were having fun making snowmen in the middle and across the main road, probably waiting for cars to run into them. By the time I got there, the boys were gone and someone plowed down the snowmen. What could I do, but I did my duty.

I know who the boys were and they were just having a fun snowday. No one was hurt this time, but I’d hate to run my car into a barricade like that. I believe a truck tore them down. Just be young and enjoy the snow!

Bread And Milk

In all the years I’ve lived here I’ve never been in the crowd racing for bread and milk, until this year.

Monday is my usual day off and I always go to Union, to do what ever I need to do. Well, way before the knowing of snow, I asked Gina what I should cook on Monday, and she decided chicken stew would be good. Well, would you believe that I got the last package of chicken breast with the bones in Union. Then the race was on for canned milk. Was everyone making a chicken stew?

I went to BiLo, no milk. Walmart, the same, No canned milk at Dollar Generals. Finally I found some at Sav-A-Lot. After my hunt, Gina said, just buy regular milk, duh! It was so crazy, I didn’t need anything else, but a lot of the shelves were almost bare. Oh, and I finally found an off brand of chicken broth. I’m glad I didn’t want any bread either. Of course Gina wanted to know why I didn’t go early in the morning, but I don’t think it would make a difference.

On the news they were interviewing people at the stores and one man said he had to rush out to get bread and milk and the newsperson asked why and he said it was just tradition. The lines in all the stores were very long and I’m almost positive that by the end of the day, the grocers wondered if they would have anything left to sell the next day. The only store I missed was Fresh Air Galaxy. I can’t wait til’ the next snow day, I hope it’s on my day off. It was crazy, and I’ll do it again, even if there’s nothing I want.

Nice Lunch

I had a real nice lunch Monday with Virginia Foster. We caught up on a lot of stuff. She told me that she sends this article to Inez Cabiness in Georgia. Inez used to be Jen’s neighbor. So hello Inez. She might have wanted to eat alone, but I invited myself to her table, and she said she enjoyed it and for me not to buy the store out and leave some for her.


Gina signed me up for Facebook, and I haven’t any idea what to do with it. I received a request from a cousin of mine in Michigan and would you believe I don’t know what I’m supposed to write to her about. Well maybe tomorrow night I’ll think of something. I know all of you are on it, but I’ve put this off for years.

Valentine’s Day

Almost forgot, Happy Valentine’s Day! With the weather the way it is, Valentines might be put off until Saturday, because the wonderful husbands and boyfriends can’t get out this week to get their sweethearts that special gift. See what I’ve really done is put this in their minds, because they probably forgot!

“Going to Jared”-definitely doesn’t mean getting your wife a Subway foot-long for Valentine’s Day. Lesson learned. And if your partner tells you that every day with you is Valentine’s Day, you’re not getting a present.

Well it’s time to say good night, and give me a call at 545-6652.

Hospice Box

Oh, and before I close I want to thank Deanna Burns for the throws and Regina Denton for the body wash for my hospice box. We’re starting early for filling our box for the seniors at the nursing homes and retirement homes for Christmas. This way it’s not hard or a rush on anybody. So if you want to help me just bring a gift by the shop at 411 Lockhart Drive.

Well, good night again!!