New courses offered at Career and Technology Center

Charles Warner cwarner@civitasmedia.com

February 7, 2014

UNION COUNTY — The Union County Career and Technology Center is reviving an old course and starting a new one in response to student interest in the courses.

Center Director Kevin Morrow is a member of the Union County Advanced Technology Center Advisory Committee and during a committee meeting Wednesday afternoon, Morrow told his fellow members that the UCCTC will again offer a Cosmetology course.

“Years ago we had a (Cosmetology) program and it closed, for whatever reason I’m not sure of,” Morrow said. “The room was disassembled and we went in and made a Business Ed computer lab.”

Morrow said the Cosmetology program will be returning in August at the request of the students.

“We did a survey a year or so ago and one of the things that was brought up was Cosmetology,” Morrow said. “It was pretty high up on the student interest surveys.”

In response to this interest, the Union County Board of School Trustees approved adding Cosmetology to the center’s course offerings. With the board’s approval, Morrow said the center has drawn plans for the new Cosmetology program which he said will be located in the same room where the old one was.

“We’re going to refurbish it because the plumbing is still there,” Morrow said. “The electrical drops are still there and the space still meets all the LLR requirements.”

Morrow said the new Cosmetology department will include:

• 20 styling stations

• Manicure and pedicure

• Backwash shampoo

• Sidewash shampoo

• Two wig dryers for the mannequins the students will practice on

• A separate classroom facility

Morrow said there will be two, three-hour Cosmetology classes each day. He said he expects a total of approximately 40 students to be enrolled in the course the first year.

Protective Services

Morrow also informed the committee that, again because of student interest, the UCCTC is implementing a Protective Services course.

“Protective Services is mostly firefighting with a component for EMS or first responders and it also touches on law enforcement,” Morrow said. “This would be for students interested in pursuing careers in firefighting, law enforcement, EMS, and even some health care services.”

Morrow said the class will teach basic firefighting skills with the classroom equipped with a two-room structure that can be used to simulate smoke and fire. He said each student who enters the structure will be monitored via cameras which will record their progress on video which can then be reviewed and the student’s performance critiqued to determine what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

For the EMS/first responders portion of the class, Morrow said students will be taught basic first aid, while the law enforcement portion will teach students about the policies and procedures police officers operate under.

Morrow said there will be three, two-hour Protect Services classes each day. He said he expects a total of approximately 60 students to be enrolled by the time the course begins in August.

The UCCTC already offers a wide variety of courses including:

• Auto Tech

• Auto Body

• Machine Tool

• Building Construction

• Mechatronics

• Business

• Graphic Communications

• Health Occupations

• Sports Medicine

• Horticulture

• Veterinary Sciences

• Family & Consumer Sciences

For more information about the Union County Career and Technology Center call 864-429-1765.

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-427-1234, Ext. 14.