Lockhart issues boil water advisory

Charles Warner Editor

January 16, 2014

LOCKHART — The Town of Lockhart is advising its residents to boil their water because of a water line break earlier this week.

Mayor Ailene Ashe announced this morning that the town is issuing the advisory because a break in the main line supplying Lockhart its water has raised the possibility of contamination.

“We had a break on the main 8-inch water line on Union Road,” Ashe said. “It is going to affect the whole town because it is the main line. The break occurred a couple of days ago, but it hasn’t affected anyone until today when we turned off the water so the line could be repaired.”

Ashe said that the town has issued a boil water advisory instead of a boil water notice because there has been no confirmed contamination of the system due to the break. However, Ashe said the loss of pressure caused by the break has raised the possibility of contamination and so therefore Lockhart residents are being advised to boil their water vigorously for at least one full minute before using it for drinking and/or cooking.

In addition, the advisory states that ice made from water that has not been boiled should not be used for drinking water purposes.

Ashe said the town has contacted Tri County Utilities which has dispatched personnel to the town to repair the line.

Once the line is repaired and pressure restored, the water will be tested to determine if contamination has occurred. Ashe said until that is done and the advisory lifted, Lockahrt residents should continue to boil their water.

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