Sheriff’s office warning public about telephone scam

By Charles Warner

January 16, 2014

UNION COUNTY — The Union County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public not to be taken in by a telephone scam.

In a statement released this afternoon, the sheriff’s office reported that several residents have been getting calls during today from a recorded message claiming to be a credit card company. The message asks the resident to call a number and leave their name and credit card number on a voice mail and they will be called back about problems with their card.

The announcement states that Sheriff David Taylor, however, has verified that this is a scam and the calls are actually originating from another country. The public is urged not to call the number and/or give their credit card information to anyone and to ignore the call.

“They are giving you that number and telling you to call it,” Taylor said. “They tell you to leave your credit card number and they will verify it.

“I have followed up with SLED and we have been able to verify that it is showing up in other areas of the state,” he said. “It is part of a scam that originated outside the United States.”

Taylor said that if anyone receives the call they can, if they want to, report it to his office, though it is not necessary. He said the purpose of the alert is to prevent people from being taken in and falling victim to the scam.

If, however, someone has received that call and has given that information, Taylor said they should immediately contact their credit card company and cancel the card and notify his office. He said that with the credit card number and the type of card the scam artists can drain a person’s account.

According to the sheriff’s office the number the calls are coming from is 205-490-7688.

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