News Around Lockhart: Vandalism, a Christmas party, and Miss Flo

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

December 21, 2013

We had a council meeting on the 17th, at which time we discussed the Christmas lights in and around Lockhart that have had the wires cut.

We know who this is, but you need to realize how much work and money everybody has in their lights. You say you did it because you are a kid. But you are at the top of the teens, and you need to learn to respect others. We really don’t think this is funny, and I doubt you will when the law has you do community work for doing this, and I hope it’s for the town.

Our big tree in the parking lot was cut and smashed. Anita and Marvin’s star on the side of their house had wires cut. Paul Burgess had wires cut also, and I know there has to be others and I hope they call the town hall so we can add their names to Sherif Taylor’s list.

Christmas Party

After the meeting we had our Christmas party for the council, employees and spouses. Barry Canupp provided the food from the Lockhart Cafe.

Our guests included Hugh and June Gregory, Ted and Marva Gardner, Marvin (Arab) and Charlotte Ashe, D.A. McCloud, Annette Sutherland (whom we all sang Happy Birthday to — for Dec. 18), Beverly and Johnny Shrader, Donnie Adams, Chuck Montgomery, Ailene Ashe, Brenda Jenkins, and Me.

We had a feast of chicken, pork tenderloin, baked potato, salad, rolls, and tea. Oh, and we can’t forget the red velvet cake.

We had a good time visiting with each other, but also it was a sad time. Barry’s waitress passed away that morning. Rachael Moss, was just 20 years old, and loved by all her customers. Everyone I talked to said they just loved joking with her, and she’d joke back with them.

Miss Flo

The day after I turned in my newsletter last week, I received a phone call from Sue (Smith) Witherspoon, who lives in Michigan, but was raised in No Man’s Land. She told me that her sister-in-law just passed away and it just didn’t dawn on me who she was until Chuck came in and I told him about my call.

Flora Mae Smith, wife of Bobby Smith, was living in Whitmire, passed away on the 11th of December. It hit me! Ms. Flo that worked at the Hot Spot, here in Lockhart. Flo was Chuck’s neighbor on Froggy Lake Road in Adamsburg for many years. But when she got sick, her daughter moved her to Whitmire so she could help take care of her. Everyone that hung around the Hot Spot on 3rd loved Ms. Flo. She was little but mighty. She told one guy when he came into the store that he would have to pull up his baggy pants before she’d wait on him. And he respected her enough to pull them up.


Gina shopped me to death tonight. We started in Spartanburg and ended up in Greenville. I went up there to get something from Barnes and Noble that they didn’t have in Spartanburg. But first we had to stop at a couple of other stores for one thing (that was Gina’s story). We’d be in there forever, I swear she looks and studies everything. We got to leave sometime after midnight and got home at 2 am.

I am through shopping for Christmas, I just want to stay home and have fairies come and wrap everything for me. I had to fidget all the way home just to concentrate on driving.

Thank You

Thanks to Barbara from Arthur State in Monarch for straightening out my check book this afternoon. I told her that Penny needs to watch out the window for me so Barbara has a chance to hide. I really get my book in a mess, but she finds the errors.

Holiday Decorations

Our minister was discussing various holidays and traditions with a flock of his young parishioners.

“At Christmas,” he said, “we traditionally use a plant called the poinsettia for decorating and giving, symbolizing Christmas. Can anyone tell me what plant we use to symbolize Easter?”

A hand shot up, and a small boy piped earnestly, “An eggplant?”

Interesting Message

Sign on a St. Louis Church bulletin board: “Merry Christmas to our Christian friends. Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, And to our atheist friends, good luck.”

I’m going to say good night, and even though it is now 3 a.m., I am going to eat a sandwich that my lovely daughter just made for me, because it’ s the only meal I’ve had all day. I know that you’re not supposed to eat this late but I won’t have another chance until I get off work tomorrow night. No wonder I can’t lose weight.

Call me with some of your news at 864-545-6652. Good night.