Church to present special Christmas play on Sunday

December 21, 2013

UNION — An original play that speculates on what the impact on the world would be if Jesus Christ were born today will be presented Sunday at Corinth Baptist Church.

Written and driected by church member Debra Falls, “No Room In The HOLYday Inn” presents the audience with the original birth of Christ juxtaposed with a modern day version of His birth. The play asks what would be the impact of Christ’s birth on today’s world and if it would be any different from the impact of his actual birth.

The play’s executive producer, church member Andrena Powell-Baker, said that “we wanted to do something different when focusing on the birth of Jesus while pondering what it might look like in modern day time.”

Writer/director Falls is “no stranger to participating in plays. As a youngster she has participated in productions at Corinth and at school. Falls credits her love of writing to two of her mentors/teachers Ms. Louise R. Lymas and Ms. Catherine Kennedy who were both musicians and teachers.”

Falls is quoted as saying that Lymas and Kennedy “both inspired me to ‘learn all I can learn’ and to ‘love the written word.’”

The play features a cast of church members ranging in age from infants to senior citizens who will be dressed in costumes performing on a set designed by fellow church member Roslyn Ferguson. Music for the play will be directed by Master Musician Stephen L. Jennings. There will be solos by angelic songstress Ms. Lois Lyles and performances by the awe-inspiring gospel group “Warriors In The Spirit” organized by Ms. Georgia May Peake and composed of some her children and grandchildren.

No Room In The HOLYday Inn is “a free gift” from the “Corinth church family” to the Union community.

“We always like to give to the community and this play is just another dimension of our members’ giving,” Rev. J. Archie Calhoun, church pastor, said. “So bring your family and enjoy a wondeful evening.”

No Room In The HOLYday Inn will be presented at Corinth Baptist Church, 302 N. Herndon St., Union, this Sunday at 6 p.m.

This story was written by Deloris R. Johnson, a member of Corinth Baptist Church.