Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Birthdays, a birth, and the passing of a radio legend

Cassie J. Fowler Contributing Columnist

December 18, 2013

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy is loaded down with names and wishes this week. Whew! Exasperation sets in with him quickly, because my typing skills and speed are almost non-existent. Here we go in spite of Gottrocks’ making fun of two fingers hunt and peck system.


Happy Birthday wishes to Timothy Lawson Jr., Chrystal Harsha, Wayne Harsha, Debra Prather, Debbie Harris,William “Lefty” Johnson, Synthia Sinclair, Angie Toby, Ricky “Red” Gilliam, Rodney Sartor, Becky Mars, Tressy Chick, Tommy Suber, Randi Marie Gilliam, Mike Moss, June Tankersley, Dan Bledsoe, Marcy B. Lake, Tosha S. Lyda, Theresa Vicars, Teresa Baker, Mrs. Betty Campbell, Daisy Bullard, Pat Fain, Micheal Bumgarner, Clif Smith, Gloria M. Evans, Rosemary M. Jones, Audrey Jean Walters, Jennifer N. Dalenburg, Betty W. Thompson, Peggy Bullard, Vicky Worthy, and Barbara Dillard.


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fletcher on the recent birth of their daughter Serenity. Mrs. Fletcher is the former Kelcie Weaver. Maternal grand parents are Pastor Kenny and Mrs. Weaver of Whitmnire.

Feel Good Wishes

We send our best feel good wishes and speedy recovery to Mr. and Mrs. Billy Gilliam, and Mr. William “Lefty” Johnson.

Upcoming Services

First Baptist Church will host its Christmas Candlelight Communion Tuesday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve at 5 p.m.

Thank You

The Town Of Whitmire says thank you to the recently appointed Economic Development Board for their volunteer efforts. The members have been meeting 2-3 times per month and have a schedule of Whitmire events lined up from a tag sale in January to a meeting with Union and Chester County board members and officials. The plan is to partner with surrounding towns and cities.

One of their events includes attending the 2nd Thursday Blues Series in downtown Chester. Various businesses in Chester lend their facility space for a concert event, with local sponsors. Their motto is”Bringing Folks To Downtown Chester One Song At a Time.” The other scheduled talks include a multi-city yard sale in 2014.


In closing this week I have to share news you may or not be aware of: The passing of Classic Soul WKMG’s Cornell Blakely. “Old Man Blakely’s Son Corn” as he referred to himself on his colorful morning radio program. Cornell has been a fixture in Rhythm & Blues radio since 1965, upon his return from Detroit to his hometown of Greenville, S.C.

Cornell was hired with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records as a vocalist/recording artist and a promotions advance man. Cornell was known as a personality deejays, as back then radio disc jockeys had to have a clever rap and rhyme to personify their own air character.

Cornell was a top notch baseball player, he played with The Greenville Black Spinners, and The Brooklyn Dodgers. He was recently inducted into the Negro League Baseball Hall Of Fame.

Cornell made music business history when he introduced legendary radio personality “John R” — John Richbourg — to Berry Gordy. South Carolina native John R hosted an evening R&B show on the Big Signal WLAC-AM in Nashville, Tenn. The station’s signal covered 28 U.S. states and parts of Mexico, Canada, South America and Guam.

Cornell was then known as “The Southern Connection” due to the introduction of Motown Music to a large listening audience. He is also one of the few African-American radio station managers in South Carolina. Old Man Corn’s last broadcast on WKMG was in December of 2012. He passed away in his beloved hometown of Greenville, Dec. 2. He is survived by his three daughters and two sons, grandchildren, and great grands.

In closing, as we say until next week’s edition, feel free to send your news bits, photos, church and civic news to: news2cassie@yahoo.com