News Around Lockhart: An unpleasant experience at a local store

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

December 13, 2013

Instead of Lockhart News I believe this is starting to be the life of Connie.

As my customers know, I usually have a headset that I put on when my phone rings so I don’t get a neck cramp while talking on the phone. Well lately the headsets that I buy won’t fit into my phone jack anymore. I believe they are only for computers.

So I went to a store in Union for help and was sold a Motorola product with two phones, answering machine, and a earpiece, (which the salesgirl referred to as a bluetooth), all in one piece. Chuck and I took it out of the box to set it up and charge the phones, as you all know that’s what you do. We opened the box and the stickers that go over the glass parts were off and stuck on the box top. One phone was already charged, the other didn’t work, the tie for the cords were laying in the bottom of the box and the phones were connected to the adapters.

So I asked the store if they sold used items and of course they said no, but wanted to charge me a restocking fee for something someone brought back. They changed the bad battery in the one phone, gave me a slap on the hand and sent me on my way. I went back on Monday and the manager rudely spoke to me about this phone, saying it was not a returned item. I pointed out that it had an AT&T base and a Motorola base in the same box, and a Motorola adapter and an AT&T adapter also in the same box.

It was a Black Friday sale and they don’t return clearance items, oh and the owner’s manual was not included. I pointed out it said it was supposed to be in this box. How much clearer could I be that this phone was a returned item? She finally took it off my charge, but said the next time it wouldn’t. Do you think there will be a next time that I walk into this store?! I was told by a couple of friends that she was rude to them also when they were in the store.

I’ve worked with the public for 48 years and I don’t remember a time that I was rude to the customers. And all the shops I worked at up north, all the people I’ve worked with were never rude. This is our living, and if you don’t greet people when they come in, and make them important, you will have to find a new way to pay the light bill. Okay, I will stop preaching.


Please wish Ted Garner a Happy Belated Birthday, it was the 12th. He thought everyone forgot but Brenda told him that we had to wait for Ailene come back from puppy setting (she calls it her vacation) so she can bake a cake or something for him. Annette Sutherland is having a birthday on the 18th. Caitlyn Inman will be 17 on the 20th.

Busy Season

This has been a fast year, the other day I actually had to put 2014 on one of my customers appointment cards. And we’ve been shopping three days in a row for Christmas gifts.

I thought this Saturday I would get the tree out of the attic and wrap presents. But Chuck called and wants to go shopping Saturday, because it will be his last day off for awhile. And of course we’ll go to Spartanburg. I told him Walmart in Union had the same things.

This is our annual trip and it goes like this: He wants to eat first, then we go to Harbor Freight, Academy, Dicks, Sams, then Walmart to the hunting department. Around 11 p.m. he’ll say “Oh, we have to get you something for Christmas.”

Usually I don’t have a clue what I may want. So since the dressing room is closed, I stand in the aisles and try on clothes over my clothes. I just never never know what I may want. But I enjoy giving instead.

Festival Of Lights

The deadline is done for the Angel Memorials, but if you want to still send a donation for the Festival of Lights to keep the lights burning in Lockhart, it would be welcomed. The P.O. Box # is 250. We can thank Lori and Wayne Brannon for making them and Dale and Patti Inman for hanging them on the wall.

Christmas Humor

Sign in department store: Make this a Christmas he won’t forget — charge everything.

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, one of my four daughters, Lizann, wanted to show me what she had bought for Holly, her youngest sister. We went to her room while the other girls got ready for the evening church service.

While we were sitting on the bed, door closed, looking at the gifts, Holly came to the door, wanting to come in. We told her she couldn’t.

“But I have to ask you something,” she said.

“Ask me through the door!” Lizann yelled.

After a moment, Holly called out, “How do I look?”

Four year old to her two year old sister: “Let’s play Christmas. I’ll be Santa Claus, and you be a present and I’ll give you away.”


Don’t forget that I will be selling my books until Dec. 31 for just 10 cents and I’m at 411 Lockhart Drive on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, from 9:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thanks to those that have come. My Hospice box is building up.

Goodnight, and call at 864-545-6652.