Artwork still on display and for sale

Charles Warner Editor

December 3, 2013

UNION — Paintings and other artwork produced by the residents of the Heartland Healthcare of Union assisted living center are still on display at the facility and still available for sale after an art exhibit this past weekend.

One of the services the center offers its residents is an art program taught by Carmen Jeter. Under Jeter’s instruction, the students in the class paint a variety of different subjects, each producing artwork reflecting their own style. The paintings are then placed on display in the halls of the facility.

In addition to the paintings produced by students in the art class, residents also assemble large puzzles which are framed and also placed on display on the walls of the center.

The paintings and puzzles produced by the residents in 2012 were the subject of an exhibit hosted by the center that year. Family, friends, and the general public were invited to attend the exhibit and, if they chose to do so, purchase the works with the proceeds from the sales going to purchase supplies for the art class. The class also opted to use part of the funds raised from that sale to purchase an aquarium which now sits in the living room of the assisted living center.

On Saturday, the center hosted its “Second Annual Art Exhibit” with paintings produced and puzzles assembled by the residents again on display and available for sale to the public. Some of the paintings for sale had previously been on display during Christmas Open House while others had been displayed with the Garden Club at the Union County Fair.

Virginia Babb, Assisted Living Supervisor/Admissions Coordinator at Heartland Healthcare of Union, said Monday that Saturday’s exhibit did not go as well as the 2012 exhibit in terms of revenue generated. Where the 2012 exhibit generated more than $500 in sales, Babb said this year’s sale only generated $100. She attributed this to the exhibit being held the day after Black Friday.

Though exhibit did not generate the sales last year’s did, Babb said the paintings and puzzles on display are still for sale and she encouraged the public to come to the center, visit with the residents, and view their work. As she pointed out prior to this year’s exhibit, Babb said the paintings and puzzles make great holiday gifts or can serve as a keepsake.

In addition, Babb said that the center may hold another art exhibit in the spring.

For more information about the artwork and other aspects of the assisted living center call Heartland Healthcare of Union at 864-427-0315.

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