Students win basketball camp scholarships

By Derik Vanderford

November 29, 2013

LOCKHART — Three Lockhart Middle School students competed successfully in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, winning them full scholarships to a basketball camp this summer.

Earlier this month, three 14-year-old Lockhart Middle School students — Morgun Foster, Dalton Vinson, and Zack Gordon — competed in a National Hoops three-on-three basketball tournament held at Blessed Hope Baptist Church in York.

The Lockhart team did not lose a game in the first round of eliminations, and they went on to win the JV portion of the tournament. Foster, Vinson and Gordon each received a medal, their pictures on the National Hoops Tournament website (nationalhoops.com) and a paid-in-full scholarship to the National Hoops Basketball Camp at Bob Jones University this summer. They will also play in the national three-on-three playoffs, which will also be held at the university.

While attending the camp, the boys will work with Bob Jones University Bruins Athletic Director/Head Basketball Coach Neal Ring. Coach Ring is known for his views of the value of sports as a platform for discipleship. He stresses the importance of using athletics to open doors for ministry both locally and around the world.

National Hoops Ministries is an itinerant ministry set up to organize and conduct a 3-on-3 basketball tournament for the local church with the purpose of helping that ministry reach its community. National Hoops brings along a team of four college students who help with the preparation, recruiting and conducting of the tournaments, as well as ministering to the teens through testimonies and special music.