Library Blog: Library can scan and send documents

Ben Loftis Contributing Columnist

November 14, 2013

Need to send information, but don’t want to pay the amount for a fax? The Union County Carnegie Library’s copy machine also allows for scanning and emailing documents.

If you have an email address for the recipient of a document, the library can scan and send the document to that person. The transaction takes place just as fast or faster than a fax, and the recipient will have the document in their inbox the next time they check email.

Unlike a fax, a scan does not provide a printed confirmation page, but the machine will provide the results of the transaction the following day. To make sure the scan was completed at that time, you can either have it sent directly to your account and then forward on to the recipient (this avoids that person’s confusion of seeing an email from the library) or call the person shortly after sending the document to confirm it was completed.

The cost for scanning and sending a document is 10 cents per page, less than the 75 cents per page for a fax.