Kaasa is new TSW heavyweight champion

Derik Vanderford Staff Writer

November 12, 2013

UNION — Saturday night’s Trans-South Wrestling event resulted in the crowning of a new heavyweight champion as well as the announcement of an upcoming steel cage match.

At the beginning of Saturday’s event, then-champion Deon Johnson announced that he was still injured from his match at the Union County Fair, and to give those in attendance a championship match, he vacated the title. The new champion was decided in a match between the top two contenders, Peter Kaasa and Hunter Thompson.

“No matter what happens in the main event, in December, I want a match with Hunter Thompson,” Johnson told the crowd. “Hunter has made this personal. It’s not just about wrestling.”

In the main event, Kaasa defeated Thompson, and Kaasa was crowned the new heavyweight champion. Kaasa is a Charleston resident who has wrestled professionally for two and a half years. An admitted work-out fanatic, Kaasa is an accomplished gymnast and wrestler. He originally trained with Dory Funk Jr., and has since spent time training with “Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez in an attempt to make a living at the sport he loves.

“I’m just so thankful for Trans-South Wrestling and the people of Union, South Carolina,” Kaasa said. “TSW has given me the opportunity to shine by booking me against some great opponents, and I look forward to defending this title. I’m thankful for the support of everyone here, especially Deon Johnson. You don’t know how much it means to me. I plan to do TSW and Union, South Carolina proud.”

Kaasa’s first title defense will be on Dec. 7 at the Union County Fairgrounds; he will face an opponent to be announced.

Deon Johnson was also granted a match he requested for Dec. 7 against arch rival Hunter Thompson.

“Sure, one day I’m going to want another shot at that title, but Peter (Kaasa) is a hard working guy and a very deserving champion. And right now, my sights are set on Hunter Thompson,” Johnson said.

Fans were thrilled to hear the announcement that the match would be inside a steel cage.

“I can’t wait, either,” Thompson scowled. “I’m going to shove Deon Johnson’s fat face through the crevices of that steel cage.”

In other action on Saturday, Vordell Walker defeated Kameron Kade via pinfall; Chase “Cauliflower” Brown defeated T.K. Starwalker via submission; Jett Black defeated Josh Powers via pinfall; and Brandon Phoenix defeated Dirty via disqualification.

Saturday’s event will air on The Union Connection Cable Channel 14, and TSW’s next live event will take place Dec. 7.