City Council reviews Capital Improvement Plan

Elyssa Parnell Staff Writer

October 11, 2013

NEWBERRY — Newberry City Council shared its thoughts with Marc Regier, director of utilities for the city of Newberry, and Theresa Cawley, president of the Southern Municipal Advisors, while reviewing the Capital Improvement Plan for the 2014-2023 fiscal year.

Only the utility portion of the plan was reviewed, reserving a discussion of the general fund portion for the next meeting.

Part of the plan Regier discussed with council was the current utility billing ERP system. With the current system dating to 1985, the CIP suggests a system upgrade.

“Our current system is reliable,” Regier said. “It does what we want it to do, but it doesn’t allow the opportunity to do some of the things people expect now.”

Along with other improvements on the CIP, computer replacements were on the list. Regier told council Tuesday the computers were on about a four-year cycle, and would be used to support the utility department for finances and other needs.

Jay Brogdon was recognized by City Manager Al Harvey for his 20 years of work with the city. Brogdon began his employment with the city on Sept. 13, 1993, and holds the position of Police Lieutenant/Patrol.

Council passed first reading of an ordinance to dissolve the tax allocation fund for the redevelopment of the Newberry Opera House. Second reading will be held at the next meeting.

“The ordinance was established as a redevelopment plan to improve a downtown area of the city,” Mayor Foster Senn said.

“The soul purpose of the ordinance was to finance a project for the Opera House,” Harvey said. “That project was completed, so we need to dissolve it.”

In other business, council also:

Passed first reading of an ordinance authorizing an equipment lease/purchase for a commercial front-loading packer truck not exceed $245,000. Harvey said they have requested bids on financing the vehicle. Bids will be opened Oct. 23.

• Passed first reading of an ordinance amending the business license ordinance provisions for insurance companies. In the future, the state will collect a 4 percent broker’s premium tax and 2 percent municipal broker’s premium tax. The 2 percent municipal tax will be given to each municipality that imposes such charges for brokers doing business in a particular municipality. Insurance companies will pay a business license fee based on gross revenue derived in each municipality.

• Approved a resolution to repeal, adopt or amend two sections of the personnel policies of the city of Newberry, which allows employees who have been injured on the job to perform “light duty.” The revised section will require employees who have been temporarily or partially disabled to provide a doctor’s statement that certifies the employee is able to perform the essential functions of their job before returning to work.

• Approved a request of a property owner outside the city limits for city water services. The property owner petitioned for service and paid the required tap fee.

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