News Around Lockhart: Please attend the Broad River Bridge meeting

Connie Porter Contributing Columnist

October 11, 2013

Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013, at the Lockhart First Baptist Church Family Life Center, from 5-7 p.m. is a very important meeting concerning the Broad River Bridge which connects Chester County and Union County.

Even if you don’t live in Lockhart this should also be a concern to you. At one time or another you might have to travel over it, or you might come to the river to fish. We really need all concerned citizens to come.

The life center located behind the Hot Spot on #9, Jonesville Lockhart Highway on Armory Road. If you need additional information you may contact Brian Klauk, P.E. Program Manager SCDOT: KlaukBD@scdot.org office 1 803-737-5051.

Remember In Prayer

I went over to Diane Howell Belk’s Monday to cut her hair, and she really needs your prayers. She’s taking radiation, and will start chemo soon. This may give her a year instead of the three months she told me she had.

She used to work at the Hot Spot, mostly on third. If you remember her you may want to send her a card. Her mother’s address is (and she lives right behind her) is 8868 Lockhart Hwy, Sharon, S.C. 29742. Thanks.

Getting Away

Brenda Jenkins and Pam are going to sneak off to Pigeon Forge this weekend for a much needed get away. Luke will hold down the fort.


Yvonne Rash is really trying to get me to take a vacation. She even reported me to Jodi (a hairdresser in Union). He said if I worked for him, he’d make me take one. He takes two.

I told one of my customers about the vacation and as I thought would be said, “What will we do?” So I decided that all my customers will take a vacation at the same time, then I said that we might as well all go to the same place. Then I said that wouldn’t do, because I’d still have to fix their hair while on vacation.

Guess I’ll just wait another 30 years for one. Thirty years ago my vacation was on July 4, and I packed up a U-Haul and moved here.


The day after Donnie Sprouse buried his wife, someone decided to break in his house. Thank goodness for the neighbor seeing it, so the thief was caught. That’s pitiful, as if he wasn’t going through enough.


I have some birthday requests: Louise Baldwin’s is on the 17th, Holly Parkin’s and Laura Felder is on the 16th, and Matt Parkins is on the 20th. Happy belated to Josh Comer on Oct. 1. Joanne Walker on the 4th, Nikki Ridgeway, Kirk Winburn and Christopher Porter on the 7th. On the 9th are Gayle Turner, Phil Bagwell and Pam Moshier. Catherine Childers is on the 11th, and Patti Turner, Mary Fowler and Debbie Rash on the 12th, along with Raina Smith. Dennis Frost’s is on the 14th.


Happy Anniversary to Tim and Debbie Sanders on the 10th.

Just Married

Congratulations to Phil Gregory and Trudy Walker on their marriage, I believe it was this last weekend. I hope they have many many years of happiness.

Lunch Served

The Youth at Lockhart Baptist Church will be serving lunch on Sunday, Oct 13. Poppy Seed Chicken, directly after church. This is a fundraiser for their ski trip.

Back In Service

Well I’ve been off the last three Sundays, so now I am announcing that I will be back in service this next Sunday. One Sunday was the funeral of Margaret Montgomery; next was my schooling at York Tech so I can keep my license; and the next was my usual day off, and I worked myself half to death at home.


Let’s see if I can find a few cute jokes.

Mrs. B: “Why are you laughing?”

Mrs. D: “A salesman tried to sell my husband a laptop computer.”

Mrs. B: “What’s so funny about that?”

Mrs. D: “My husband hasn’t had a lap in 20 years!”

Q. How many country-western singers does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Five. One to put in the new bulb, and four to sing about how much they long for the old one.

What an automated society we live in. Have you ever noticed that when a traffic signal turns green, it automatically activates the horn of the car behind you?

Well, I need to close, and say good night, 864-545-6652 I know this is not a lot of news but it’s the thought.