Sims falls to Boiling Springs

September 27, 2013

UNION COUNTY — Sims lost to Boiling Springs 3-0. The scores were 2-25, 11-25, and 8-25.

Coach Tracy Duncan said that the Lady Tigers’ performance improved between the first and second games.

“In the first game, the Lady Tigers were not focused or playing together as a team,” Duncan said. “Communication and ieamwork wasn’t there.

In the second game, The Lady Tigers played much better,” she said. “Kaitlyn Erwin played a great game of defense and had some nice sets and passes. Bailey Betenbaugh and Mikayla Bennet served well. Kirklyn English, Alaysha Still and Aaliyah Curenton had a good defensive game, also with passing much better.

Duncan said the The Lady Tigers will play away Monday at Fairforest.

“We are still looking to get that teamwork and communcation to come together for a win,” Duncan said. “Come out and support the Lady Tigers Monday!”