Monarch Elementary to become member of 100 Mile Club

September 23, 2013

MONARCH — Monarch Elementary School’s Healthy Choice Coordinator Meka Adams has been awarded the Active School Acceleration Project Grant to help the school become a member of the 100 Mile Club.

The 100 Mile Club allows students to work toward a goal that is reasonable and will allow them to participate before, during and after school. Each student can work at their own pace to set their own goals or even pair up with another individual to encourage more involvement.

“The 100 Mile Club can establish exercise habits within students’ lives and also show students the rewarding effect of achieving a goal,” Adams said.

Beyond the health and fitness benefits, physical activity enhances concentration and attention; it improves attendance and academic performance. All of us want these great outcomes for our children.

By implementing the 100 Mile Club program, students will have the opportunity to walk laps around the playground at recess. The student will be responsible for logging his/her miles walked throughout the school year with an ultimate goal of 100 miles. Upon completion of their 100 miles, students will receive a certificate and reward at a celebration commemorating their hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.