Buffalo News For You: The end of the road and the next chapter

Rev. Aubrey ‘Rocky’ Parks Contributing Columnist

August 29, 2013

The End Of The Road

Today’s issue of the Buffalo News For You journal is the last of the weekly journals. I began writing the journal on May 3, 2010. The purpose of the journal was to let the readers know of news-worthy things happening in the Buffalo Community, where “Friendly Folks Roam.” Except for birthdays and anniversaries, apparently not much is happening in Buffalo. What was supposed to be a journal about our community turned into a series of articles, humorous jokes, and occasionally something of news that happened in the Buffalo community.

My Deepest Appreciation

I want to thank those individuals who have contributed to this journal, especially James Lancaster and Bill Hitchcock, who provided me with humorous stories. I also want to thank Charles Warner for his patience, his guidance, and his support in this endeavor. I want to thank our readers for, hopefully, being entertained, educated, and spiritually blessed by these articles, jokes, illustrations, and so forth.

Most of all, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for giving to me the opportunity to share Him with you in so many ways. As human as we are, we are thankful that for His death and resurrection on the cross; God’s free gift of eternal life through Jesus; and in the battle with daily sin, we may lose many battles, but in the end we have won the war!

The Next Chapter

So, as this chapter of my life and this journal comes to a close, I look forward to the next chapter, and especially to the final chapter, the Day of the Lord, when all of us who love Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord will be reunited with Him forever.

Until then, may God richly bless you in such ways that you recognize His deep and eternal love for you.

Signing off for now,

Aubrey Parks