November 14, 2012

Strong, fighters, courageous, outstanding, brave, caring: VETERANS. These are just a few words I use to describe the many men and women who have fought and risked their lives for this country. They put their lives and dreams on hold for the millions of people in the nation to protect our lives, our rights, our freedom, and our land. That is just one reason why on November 11th of every year, we dedicate our love, support and appreciation to the US veterans as we honor the many who have fought or are still fighting right now for us. Do we thank them enough?

Veteran’s Day is a day to honor, thank, support and appreciate all military personnel who have served, died or are still serving in any war. We celebrate Veteran’s Day by parades, assemblies, memorials and speeches because they commemorate the sacrifices that veterans and soldiers made.

Many people do not know the effect deployment can have on a family, a soldier, the economy and a veteran. The economy could go through a depression. People could lose their jobs. The economy could weaken. A family could lose loved ones. A soldier could leave one way, but come back another way mentally and physically, or not come back at all. Deployment has an effect on all our lives in some way. If it weren’t for the soldiers of the armed forces, we could have lost everything.

I come from a family of great men and women who have served in all wars. My great granddaddy, several aunts, uncles and cousins have served in many different wars such as the Korean, Afghanistan, Vietnam and every other major war the US has served in since World War I. I salute them for their courage and bravery!

We should thank the soldiers for everything they have done to help, protect and serve the United States of America. Without them, where would we be as a nation?