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USC Union in the Spotlight

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UNION — After having winning seasons, the University of South Carolina Union is eager for the Bantams baseball team to get on the field in the spring.In 2013, the Bantams placed second in their conference and ranked number 4 in the nation out of 105 schools. The Bantams added to their winnings in 2013 as District IV East champions and then again in 2014 as District III West champions.USC Union is pleased to announce that Union native, Jay Ford, will be the coach of our Bantam baseball team as of Aug. 21. Ford and his wife live in Buffalo and have two Golden Retrievers, one Husky, four horses and five cats. He is a graduate of Union High School and attended USC Union, as well as Maryville College in Tennessee.


News Around Lockhart: Thank you for helping our Cancer Friend

I really want to continue to thank you for your help in furnishing Boost and Ensure for our Cancer Friend. He has tried to eat and the radiation and the mouth cancer surgery has still made it impossible for him to swallow food, therefore without an income he still needs the help of all of you caring people.Mrs Clowny called me the other day, concerned and wanted me to call her, but I don’t have caller ID and did not get her phone number. Please try again.Someone, w...

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Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Local news and upcoming events

Hello everyone, lots of early fall events and local news to talk about. Lets send our Happy Birthday Wishes from Gottrocks The Birthday Fairy.BirthdaysHappy Birthday wishes to Joe Hunter, Christianna Gilliam, Candace Lominick, Jeffrey Whitener, Carol Owens, Katie S.Henderson, Manuel Harrison, Lee Ann Eison, and Robert Miller.AnniversariesHappy 22nd Anniversary wishes t...

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Kindergarten: The second first day of school

UNION COUNTY — The second first day of the 2014-2015 school year began Wednesday morning with the arrival of kindergarten students at the Union County School District’s five elementary schools.Monday was the first day of school for students in the first through 12th grades, but the new school year didn’t begin for 5K students until Wednesday and many elementary schools had special events to help get the day off to a good start for both the students and their paren...

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Family takes part in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

UNION COUNTY — A challenge that has swept the world — including Union County — has raised awareness and millions of dollars to fight a particular disease.The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting the video to social media, and then challenging others to do the same — in an effort to raise awareness of ALS. Those who refuse to take the challenge are asked to make a donation to the ALS charity of th...

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Library Blog: Library provides communication services

In this day of instant communication, there are many ways to send information from one place to another. The Carnegie Library can help in providing access to some of these methods.The library’s public computers allow users to take advantage of Facebook and other social media, as well as email and internet surfing. While the library does not host email accounts, all public computers are internet-accessible.Also are available is fax service. For only $.75 per page, p...

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News Around Lockhart: Invading bees and shower problems

Well, here I am in the second week of being home and do you think there is anything going on in Lockhart that people want to talk about? NO!! So you might have to hear about me again. Ho Hum.InvadersThe Gregory Playground has been invaded with some kind of Japanese Bees. I heard they stung Hugh everywhere, probably while he was trying to get rid of them. He said he used everything he could think of to get rid of them. They closed ...

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Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: Upcoming events, birthdays, and anniversaries

Hello everyone, local news and comments on the way after we send our birthday and anniversary wishes.BirthdaysHappy Birthday to Bethany Cromer, Savaanah Summer, Nina Agnew, Melissa T. Stevens, Dawn Mosely, Connie M. Moss, Amanda Burgess, Jacob Tobias, Ronald “Tweety Bird” Maness, Adam Jeter, Johshua Johnson, Robbie Miller, Ben Burleson, Jamie Hood, Loraine Long, Beth Gregory, Haley A. Frye....

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Who, What, When & Where Of Whitmire: A reunion, summer golf, and back to school

Hello everyone — It worked! We did a rain dance in The Whitty and sure enough we had a few great days of rain and cooler weather. Plants, lawns and flowers still smiling. So with that good cheer, lets do our birthday wishes then onto local news.BirthdaysHappy Birthday Wishes to John “Allright Then” Roche — Roche’s Pharmacy, Martin Miller, Scott Riser, Randy Brock, Joyce Dallas, Blake Farmer, Gray Robe...

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News Around Lockhart: A high school reunion in Michigan

Again I will apologize for not writing last week. I really thought I’d have the time on Tuesday night but I decided Monday to take my first vacation since moving here. We were having a class reunion and since I’d never been to one and all of you in our area have them all the time, and I get so jealous over them that I decided it was time to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

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